Calvin On Learning

How One Student Grows For Self & Others


Calvin Harris H.W. M.  isn’t simply teaching classes. He is deeply invested in how to better embody its lessons.  He takes to heart these words: “What An Educator Does In Teaching  Is To Make It Possible For The Students to Become Themselves” - quote by the Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Reglus Neves Freire known for his work with adult illiterates and for promoting critical pedagogy, a theory, and practice of helping students achieve critical consciousness. Calvin’s learning of Critical Consciousness came from a different path, for as a young person his search for Truth and self-understanding lead him to the teaching and later apprenticeship from Master Teacher Thane Walker, in his School The Prosperos, founded 1956 in Florida and operated in California since the 1960’s

Calvin uncovered his calling or dharma in 1969, in the Prospers, and his ultimate goal is to be able to facilitate change. To help build and sustain a holistic community, organized in a way so one can experience more intensive programs of self-discovery and learning. Calvin says: “My students, I want to give extraordinary experiences, perspectives that they would not be able to experience singularly. Training that is immersive, found in intimate group settings using handpicked subject matter with  unique perspectives, all with the goal of providing a sense of  drawing forth from within, and creating  transformative knowing within the student, in both mind and in spirit.”  


This speaks to his teaching trajectory, of offering practices and a way for the teachings to have embodiment. He says: “I love the idea of belonging to a strong community collectively working to become a more aware, insightful, sensuousness, conscious organization. I like to support creating leaders and role models that can extend our community with a positive message. Extending to others the challenge and joy of practices to know thyself.

I like the feel of working with others,  of when I am conversing, eating, drinking, exercising, just moving with conscious intention surrounded by others, all who are doing the work – then I am at home, living my dharma in the core of beingness.” 

The Urge for Adventure January 2018

2018: You as Interior Innovator, and Originator 

Face to face.jpg

This year, turn your new year's resolutions into objects of originality by giving yourself permission to engage and collaborate with others. Your first task is of course to innovate, to figure out what steps you can take to design a strategy, collaboration with others to gain the best optimal results for yourself while doing something great for the world. I suggest becoming the interior innovator, creating and having a space within your thinking, a mental state that shuts out the jumble of "what-ifs" and worries, a space that lets you be where ideas and goals come and go without judgement; within that space so an idea, goal or cause will formulate that is unique to you.

Milestone - celebrated like never before

group toast to life.jpg

When you can pair your unique personal goal with a great cause you'll find more encouragement from friends and family attracted to help and keep you motivated.

With Site of Contact suggestions, for ways of participation in events, classwork, and mentoring programs, you can raise the skills needed to address difficult challenges. You can find ways that can play a role in the response to crises that may have been happening for years. The fact is that certain communities have been dealing with issues for generations the same way, to collaborate with others, a new perspective that goes beyond historic trends and social-economic status can now arise in a larger context. It is unfortunate that the rule of identity of a community, group, or person is determined by their situation or suffering, and thus too often that determines society's response to that situation or suffering. To step outside that box in your approach can make you the innovator or originator of change. Hitting your personal best when you pair your innovate ideas with others in practical ways of change, creating milestones of celebration that feel like none ever before.

Life evolving

Life evolving

To begin, 'Traditional and Uncommon Obserances" section, has some fun, thought provoking and interesting themes going on within your community, or the world, that allows for a bit of original and innovative opportunities for engagement. You may want to see who is doing what and how, so check out some of the traditional, wacky and uncommon stuff that is out there, so you can get involved or use as a starting point for your innovative change.  

Being engaged is a way of doing life, a way of living and loving. It's about ...  expressing the bright hope that life offers us, a hope that makes us brave and expels darkness with light. That's what I want my life to be all about - full of abandon, whimsy, and in love. -Bob Goff

Traditional & Uncommon Daily Observances In 2018

Coney Island ploar punge.jpg

Mon, January 1
New Year's Eve observed

Polar Bear Plunge

Polar Bear Plunge

Mon, January 1
Polar Bear Plunge (Cony Island NY & Vancouver, BC)

Mon, January 1
Tournament of Roses Parade Day & Rose Bowl Game










Tue, January 2
National Buffet Day

Tue, January 2
Nat’l Motivation & Personal Trainer Day

thoughts in action.jpg

Tue, January 2
National Science Fiction Day


Wed, January 3
J.R.R. Tolkien Day

Wed, January 3
Nat’l Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

Thu, January 4
I Am A Mentor Day

Thu, January 4
National Spaghetti Day

Thu, January 4
*World Braille Day

Thu, January 4
World Hypnotism Day

Bird Day

Bird Day

Fri, January 5
Bird Day

Fri, January 5
National Screenwriters Day

Sat, January 6

Sat, January 6
Bean Day

Sat, January 6
National Technology Day







Oprah and her Golden Gobe

Oprah and her Golden Gobe

Sun, January 7
Golden Globes Awards

Sun, January 7
International Programmers' Day

Sun, January 7
National Tempura Day


Mon, January 8
Argyle Day

Mon, January 8
Earth's Rotation Day

Mon, January 8
Midwife's Day or Women's Day

Mon, January 8
National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Mon, January 8
National Weigh-In Day

Tue, January 9
Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Tue, January 9
National Poetry at Work Day

Tue, January 9
National Shop for Travel Day

We are in each others hands in Unity.jpg

Tue, January 9
Peace Agreement Day


Wed, January 10
League of Nations Day

Wed, January 10
National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Wed, January 10
National Oysters Rockerfeller Day

Thu, January 11
Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

Thu, January 11
Nat’l Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Thu, January 11
National Milk Day

Fri, January 12
Kiss A Ginger Day


Fri, January 12
National Hot Tea Day

Sat, January 13
Make Your Dream Come True Day

Sat, January 13
National Sticker Day

Sat, January 13
National Vision Board Day

Sun, January 14
International Kite Day

Sun, January 14
Dress Up Your Pet Day

Sun, January 14
Organize Your Home Day

Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day

Mon, January 15
Blue Monday

Mon, January 15
Martin Luther King Day

Mon, January 15
National Day of Service

 Mon, January 15
Humanitarian Day     






Hat Day

Hat Day




Mon, January 15
National Hat Day






National Hug Day

National Hug Day





Sun, January 21
National Hugging Day

Sun, January 21
World Religion Day

Sun, January 21
World Religion Day



Mon, January 22
Celebration of Life Day (honoring Children & Grandchildren)

Tue, January 23
National Handwriting Day

Pie Day

Pie Day

Tue, January 23
National Pie Day

Wed, January 24
Mobile Phone Recycling Day

Wed, January 24
National Belly Laugh Day

Wed, January 24
National Peanut Butter Day

Grilled Peanut Butter & Jelly

Grilled Peanut Butter & Jelly

Thu, January 25
National Irish Coffee Day

Thu, January 25
Opposite Day

Thu, January 25
Thank Your Mentor Day

Thu, January 25
A Room of One's Own Day

Fri, January 26
International Customs Day

Fri, January 26
Dental Drill Appreciation Day

Fri, January 26
National Spouses Day

Sat, January 27
International Holocaust Memorial

National Geographic photo of Seeds

National Geographic photo of Seeds

Sat, January 27
National Geographic Day

Sat, January 27
National Seed Swap Day

Sat, January 27
Thomas Crapper Day

Sat, January 27
Chocolate Cake Day

Popping Bubble wrap

Popping Bubble wrap



Sun, January 28
Data Privacy Day

Sun, January 28
Fun at Work Day

Sun, January 28
60th Annual Grammy Awards

Mon, January 29
Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Mon, January 29
National Puzzle Day

Mon, January 29
National Corn Chip Day

Tue, January 30
Inane Answering Message Day

Plan Your Trip Prosperos Assembly2018

Plan Your Trip Prosperos Assembly2018

Tue, January 30
National Plan For A Vacation Day







Wed, January 31
Backward Day


Stream Drawing by Heather Williams

Stream Drawing by Heather Williams

Wed, January 31
Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Wed, January 31
Tu B'Shvat

The Urge for Adventure December 2017

Welcome December.jpg
A lifetime is not what is between the moments of birth and death. A lifetime is one moment between my two little breaths. The present, the here, the now. That’s all the life I get. I live each moment in full, In kindness, in peace, without regret. - Chade Meng, Taoist poet

 Engaging in activities this month might surprise you.I passed on some great ideas for exploration, and reasons to get up off the couch and create your own personal holiday magic. December offers even more off the charts gathering with friends and family,  parties, one-on-one encounters that encourage new and original ways to engage which would include people that you have known for a long time or  with those who are new to you. Yes, maybe even a little romance! Here is another chance for you to shine and to become more of your awesome best.

December's Monthly Events

Aid Quits memorial, Washington, D.C. 

Aid Quits memorial, Washington, D.C. 

 AIDS Awareness Month

Awareness Months Month

Bingo’s Birthday Month

National Human Rights Month

National Tie Month

National Write a Business Plan Month

Operation Santa Paws (December 1-December 24)

Quince and Watermelon Month

Photo Artist Juan Coronado

Photo Artist Juan Coronado

Root Vegetables and Exotic Fruits Month

Spiritual Literacy Month

Tomato and Winter Squash Month

Universal Human Rights Month

Worldwide Food Service Safety Month



National Handwashing Awareness Week, December 3-9 (First Full Week)

Man writing greeting card.jpg

Recipe Greetings For The Holidays Week, December 3-9 (First Full Week)

Cookie Exchange Week, December 18-22 (First M-F Week Before Christmas)

Christmas Bird Count Week, December 14-January 5 (Always every year)

Halcyon Days, December 14-28 (Always seven days before/after the Winter Solstice)

Gluten-free Baking Week, December 17-23 (Week Before Christmas)


Kwanzaa, December 26-January 1






Hanukkah December 12 -20








DECEMBER 1 Friday World AIDS Day

DECEMBER 1 Friday National Pie Day

DECEMBER 1 Friday National Eat a Red Apple Day

DECEMBER 1 Friday Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day

DECEMBER 1 Friday Day With(out) Art Day

DECEMBER 1 Friday Faux Fur Friday – (First Friday in Dec.)


DECEMBER 2  Saturday International Abolition Slavery Day

DECEMBER 2  Saturday National Fritters Day

Mutt Day

Mutt Day

DECEMBER 2  Saturday National Mutt Day


DECEMBER 2  Saturday Special Education Day

DECEMBER 2  Saturday Skywarn Recognition Day – (First Sat. in Dec.}


DECEMBER 3  Sunday  International Disabilities Persons Day

DECEMBER 3  Sunday  Roof Over Your Head Day

DECEMBER 4  Monday  National Cookie Day

DECEMBER 4  Monday  National Dice Day


DECEMBER 5  Tuesday  World Soil Day

DECEMBER 5  Tuesday  Volunteer Day for Economic & Social Dvlpmnt

Sacher Torte

Sacher Torte

DECEMBER 5  Tuesday  National Sacher Torte Day

DECEMBER 5  Tuesday  AFL-CIO Day

DECEMBER 5  Tuesday  Bathtub Party Day

DECEMBER 5  Tuesday  International Ninja Day

DECEMBER 5  Tuesday  Repeal Day #RepealDay


DECEMBER 6  Wednesday  National Pawnbrokers Day

DECEMBER 6  Wednesday  National Microwave Oven Day

DECEMBER 6  Wednesday  National Gazpacho Day

DECEMBER 6  Wednesday  St. Nicholas Day

DECEMBER 6  Wednesday  Miners Day


PSA Airlines

PSA Airlines

DECEMBER 7  Thursday  International Civil Aviation Day

DECEMBER 7  Thursday  National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

DECEMBER 7  Thursday  National Cotton Candy Day


DECEMBER 8  Friday   National Brownie Day

DECEMBER 8  Friday  Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day 


DECEMBER 9  Saturday  International Anti-Corruption Day

DECEMBER 9  Saturday  National Pastry Day

DECEMBER 9  Saturday  Weary Willie Day

Holiday Wreath.jpg

DECEMBER 9  Saturday  National Wreaths Day – 2nd Sat. in December


DECEMBER 10 Sunday  Dewey Decimal System Day

DECEMBER 10 Sunday  Human Rights Day

Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize

DECEMBER 10 Sunday  Nobel Prize Day


DECEMBER 11 Monday  International Mountain Day

DECEMBER 11 Monday  National Noodle Ring Day

DECEMBER 11 Monday  UNICEF Birthday


DECEMBER 12  Tuedsday  National Ambrosia Day

DECEMBER 12  Tuedsday  National Ding-a-Ling Day

DECEMBER 12  Tuedsday  Gingerbread House Day

DECEMBER 12  Tuedsday  Poinsettia Day

DECEMBER 12  Tuedsday  Chanukah Begins 


Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa

DECEMBER 13  Wednesday  National Cocoa Day

DECEMBER 13  Wednesday  National Violin Day

DECEMBER 13  Wednesday  National Day Of The Horse 





DECEMBER 14  Thursday  National Bouillabaisse Day

DECEMBER 15  Friday  National Cupcake/Lemon Cupcake Day

DECEMBER 15  Friday  Bill of Rights Day

DECEMBER 15  Friday  Cat Herders Day 

DECEMBER 15  Friday  National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day 

DECEMBER 15  Friday  Underdog Day


DECEMBER 16  Saturday  National Chocolate-covered Anything Day

DECEMBER 16  Saturday  Barbie and Barney Backlash Day

DECEMBER 16  Saturday  Free Shipping Day – Changes Annually


DECEMBER 17  Sunday  National Maple Syrup Day

DECEMBER 17  Sunday  Wright Brothers Day


DECEMBER 18  Monday  International Migrants Day

DECEMBER 18  Monday  U.N. Arabic Language Day

DECEMBER 18  Monday  National Roast Suckling Pig Day

DECEMBER 18  Monday  Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day


DECEMBER 19  Tuesday  National Hard Candy Day

DECEMBER 19  Tuesday  National Oatmeal Muffin Day


DECEMBER 20  Wednesday  National Sangria Day


DECEMBER 21  Thursday  National French Fried Shrimp Day

Crossword puzzle.jpg

DECEMBER 21  Thursday  Crossword Puzzle Day


DECEMBER 21  Thursday  Humbug Day 

DECEMBER 21  Thursday  Yule - Winter Solstice 

DECEMBER 21  Thursday  National Flashlight Day

DECEMBER 21  Thursday  National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day

DECEMBER 21  Thursday  National Re-Gifting Day 


DECEMBER 22  Friday  National Date Nut Bread Day

DECEMBER 22  Friday  Anne and Samantha Day (also June 21)

DECEMBER 22  Friday  Forefathers Day – December 22 


DECEMBER 23  Saturday  National Pfeffernusse Day

DECEMBER 23  Saturday  National Roots Day

DECEMBER 23  Saturday  Festivus


DECEMBER 24  Sunday    National Eggnog Day

DECEMBER 24  Sunday  Christmas Eve


DECEMBER 25 Monday  National Pumpkin Pie Day

DECEMBER 25 Monday  A’Phabet Day or No “L” Day

Family Holidays

Family Holidays

DECEMBER 25 Monday  Christmas


DECEMBER 26  Tuesday National Candy Cane Day

DECEMBER 26  Tuesday National Thank You Note Day

DECEMBER 26  Tuesday National Whiner’s Day

DECEMBER 26  Tuesday Boxing Day (Canada)


DECEMBER 27   Wednesday  National Fruitcake Day


DECEMBER 28  Thursday  National Chocolate Candy Day

DECEMBER 28  Thursday  National Card Playing Day

DECEMBER 28  Thursday  Holy Innocents Day

DECEMBER 28  Thursday  Pledge of Allegiance Day


DECEMBER 29  Friday  National Pepper Pot Day

leap Sec World and clock.jpg

DECEMBER 29  Friday  Tick Tock Day

DECEMBER 29  Friday  No Interruptions Day


DECEMBER 30  Saturday  National Bicarbonate of Soda Day


DECEMBER 30  Saturday  Falling Needles Family Fest Day

DECEMBER 30  Saturday  Bacon Day

New years eve.jpg


DECEMBER 31 Sunday  National Champagne Day

DECEMBER 31 Sunday  Make Up Your Mind Day

BDay Air.jpg

DECEMBER 31 Sunday  New Year’s Eve

DECEMBER 31 Sunday  Universal Hour of Peace

My Favorite Bar By Marni Spencer-Devlin

"Something unique and outside of the box done by one of the exceptional writers of the  Long Beach Library Coffeehouse's, Writing Group - Author MarniSpencer-Devlin. who took the writing prompt of the day,  called 'My Favorite Bar'-  and made it her own."
- Calvin Harris, H.W.,M
Photo by Artisit Juan Coronado

Photo by Artisit Juan Coronado

What makes a bar a favorite? In most cases it isn’t the beautiful or stylish interior, is it? Most bars are quite the opposite of stylish, or even clean, for that matter. Sticky floors, sticky counters, sticky toilets – everything most people would abhor in their regular life so what can make a bar a favorite place to be? It’s the people. Cheers had it right – the place where everybody knows your name. Where people know you and your foibles, and they still want to hang out with you! The place where you feel accepted and maybe even appreciated for being you. It doesn’t get any better than that. It’s what life is really all about.

The Long Beach Library Coffee House.jpg

For me that place isn’t really even a bar. It’s the Library – and it’s not a library either. It’s a funny excuse for a coffee house with mismatched furniture and a perpetually stinky, unisex bathroom. But it’s the place where my beloved writer buddies hang out with me. Once a week, or as often as we can. But when it comes together it’s the best day of the week.



Photo by Calvin Harris

Photo by Calvin Harris


Writing is a funny thing when it’s done right. It’s an intimate, bare-all, no-holds-barred, kind-of-thing. Where you put yourself out there, courageously, and you write what’s in your soul for all the world to see. It could be a scary place but it is isn’t when you’re around a group of similar miscreants who similarity put themselves out there with courage and talent and heart and soul. It’s the stuff that life is made of. Most don’t ever get to experience that much fun. Because they don’t have the guts to go there. Because they make excuses not to. But my buddies make time and show up and are there. And I appreciate them all so much and they me.

Ironic that all that would be found in a usually dark, dank, sticky place with crooked furniture. Life’s messy, I guess. Isn’t that what makes it so fun, after all?

Holly center.jpg

Converging Male Dialog by Michael Kelly, H. W., and Calvin Harris H. W., M.

Just about weekly Michael Kelly and Calvin Harris have a conversation. Those of you who have met them know they are very, very different people. You could say If the Male perspective was viewed as a crystal formed prism,  Then Michael and Calvin, each is a facet that forms a different side of the optical element, that refract independent light or insights. Now like a prism, they have at least two surface angles in common, between them. Besides being male, Michael and Calvin are both Truth seekers, who studied in the Prosperos School of Ontology and have been friends for over 40 years.

Michael sent to Calvin,  a film review from the New York Times, by Ben Kenigsberg, Sept. 26, 2017.  The film was called: “I Am Another You” a documentary made by a Chinese woman, Nanfu Wang. It was a portrait of a young man, early 20's called Dylan,  who has chosen living on the street as a way of life that gives him the most freedom. This idea of freedom is important for Wang. She emigrated to the US both to escape the conformity of Chinese society and the oppression of the Chinese government, and to explore the particularly American idea of freedom. It is the idea of freedom that she wants to explore in her film. Dylan makes a perfect subject for her to do this with for he, in many ways, is Counterpoint to cultural concepts she has about Freedom.                                                                             

Michael felt, that like life,  the film revealed in stages a multi-layered portrait of the young man Dylan and his lifestyle. In Part 1 the film shows how strangers were magnetically attracted to him, as Wang was. In Part 2 of the film, issues that Dylan has were focused in on and is called into question, as Dylan's history is revealed to Wang. Part 3 of the film, Wang gives yet another view of Dylan, a fuller picture, that Wang and her co-editor have managed to present in an organic and completely natural way, even to the point of including  Wang's own changes in view and her second thoughts regarding Freedom. 

Nanfu Wang Photo

Nanfu Wang Photo

Beyond the Film

MK:    Looking at the pics of Dylan I recall seeing many young men and woman on the streets in the 60s and 70s who had something similar about them. Because of this I was quite ready to accept Wang’s initial view of Dylan, and found his lifestyle totally believable. Even finding people willing to be generous with their food, money, or shelter was not a surprise. 
    I hitchhiked a lot in those days between Boulder (school, post-school) and California (mythical land of freedom), or Boulder and Atlanta (parents) and benefitted many times from people’s generosity. Unlike Dylan I was genuinely grateful, seeing it as the kind of luck that has often come my way, and helping me on my way. In this too I was unlike Dylan: I was always going somewhere for some reason, whereas Dylan’s professed goal is simply being in the moment, free of ordinary life.  
Calvin:    I think it’s interesting that you seem to feel like an observer of Dylan and the youth culture he represents, as if they are outside of your raeality. But really you were that face in the 1970s as I saw you. The same length of hair, the same ambivalence to what would be called "authority," that same openness to new experiences even though it would stretch or change the codes of conduct and sexuality as presented to you as 1950s doctrine up until this time.
    You had that same desire for freedom to live life as you saw fit. That same look for adventure to travel the country and the world for new truths, for new ways to be, new ways to find and define youself. In California it was from the Streets and  Hills of Hollywood to Santa Monica and Venice Beach and It was the music, even some wine and Mary Jane to ease you into the evenin, yet it was for that sense of feeling whole and being inclusive that bought your search to the Prosperos Community.. 
    Yes, that search for Truth of idenity beyond finite male and matter, that like in the book , "the glass bead game", That  lead you up that stairway in Santa Monica, Ca. To the Prosperos. Those stairs, in many ways were more than just an entry into The Game of Life, (a reference to Hermann Hesse book) but for you a chance at "self mastery" and a excepting community, the Prosperos.

Nanfu Wang Photo

Nanfu Wang Photo

MK: I recall a period in 1970 when I probably looked just like Dylan. I had flown to Hawaii as the first leg in a trip to Japan for the World’s Fair, arriving with essentially zero dollars, and the feeling of adventure you mention. I lived on the beach for awhile, and had plenty of company. I recall a young woman who had the same kind of effect on me as Dylan had on filmmaker Wang. I guess ‘scruffy’ would sum up how I looked from the outside, but on the inside I really was having the time of my life!
Calvin: Yes, Yes I see we are out of time for this visit until next time. I will say Big Hug and  Aloha. 

Calvin while going about the rest of his day reflected on the people who had come into his life. Coming together taking time to know one another, building community with purpose and meaning and then reflecting on the amazing thing that happened and were produced because of our being together. He smiled and picked up the watering hose and did a light soaking of the new spouts coming up in the flowerbed.

The Urge for Adventure - November 2017

Nov meaning.jpg

Hey, Guys,
Last month in the October issue, I passed on some great ideas for exploration, and reasons to get up off the couch and create your own personal magic. November offers even more off the charts gathering with friends and family,  parties, one-on-one encounters that encourage new and original ways to engage with people that you have known for a long time or  with those who are new to you. Yes, November is another chance for you to shine and to become more of your awesome best.

 Engaging in activities this month might surprise you. You could even find some shockingly latent information or abilities you might have tucked away in the attic of your mind. So here are suggestions to help kick-start your plans for fun and adventure in November.

November 2017 MONTH-LONG EVENTS:



Aviation History Month
Family Stories Month
Greens and Plantains Month

Photo by Michael Zonta

Photo by Michael Zonta

Historic Bridge Awareness Month
Military Family Appreciation Month
National Alzheimer’s Disease Month
National COPD Month
National Diabetes Month
National Family Caregivers Month
National Gratitude Month
National Impotency Month

a book he & she.jpg

National Life Writing Month
National Native American Heritage Month
National Family Literacy Month
National Pomegranate Month
National Roasting Month
National Scholarship Month
Vegan Month







NOVEMber week-Long EVENTS

National Farm Toy Show Days, November 3-5 (First Full Weekend)
National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, November 5-11 (First Full Week)
Give Wildlife A Brake! Week, November 6-11 (First Full Week)
National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week, November 11-19 (nine day)
Geography Awareness Week, November 12-18 (2nd Full Week)
National Split Pea Soup Week, November 12-18 (2nd Full Week)
International Restorative Justice Week, November 19-25 (Third Week)
World Kindness Week, November 12-18 (Always has the 13th in it)


American Education Week, November 13-17 (Week Before Thanksgiving)
National Family Week, November 19-25 (Always Thanksgiving Week)
National Game and Puzzle Week, November 19-25
Better Conversation Week, November 19-25
Black Friday Deal Week, November 22-28 



Nov 1              Wednesday                All Saint's Day

Nov 1              Wednesday                Author's Day

Nov 2              Thursday                    All Soul's Day                        

Nov 2              Thursday                    Deviled Eggs Day

Man Cook.jpg

Nov 2        Thursday   Men Make Dinner Day
Nov 3        Friday        Housewife's Day                    
Nov 3        Friday        Sandwich Day
Nov 4        Saturday    Book Lovers Day    
Nov 4        Saturday    Common Sense Day
Nov 5        Sunday    Zero Tasking Day

Cooking mans book.jpg

Nov 6      Monday    Marooned without a Compass Day
Nov 6      Monday    Saxophone Day
Nov 7      Tuesday    Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
Nov 8      Wednesday    Cook Something Bold Day
Nov 9      Thursday    Chaos Never Dies Day
Nov 10    Friday        Forget Me Not Day
Nov 10    Friday        Vanilla Cupcake Day
Nov 10    Friday        USMC Day
Nov 11    Saturday   Veterans' Day

Michael Stokes Photo

Michael Stokes Photo

Nov 11    Saturday    Origami Day
Nov 12    Sunday    Chicken Soup for the Soul Day    
Nov 12    Sunday    Happy Hour Day    
Nov 13    Monday    World Kindness Day
Nov 13    Monday    Sadie Hawkins Day
Nov 14    Tuesday    Young Readers Day

male nurses.jpg

Nov 14     Tuesday    Operating Room Nurse Day
Nov 14    Tuesday    Pickle Day




Nov 15     Wednesday      National Philanthropy Day

Nov 15    Wednesday    Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

bake it like a man.jpg

Nov 16    Thursday    Fast Food Day
Nov 16    Thursday    International Tolerance Day
Nov 16    Thursday    Use Less Stuff Day
Nov 17    Friday         Electronic Greeting Card Day

Nov 17     Friday   Homemade Bread Day
Nov 17     Friday  World Peace Day Take
Nov 18     Saturday   National Adoption Day

Occult symbols.jpg

Nov 18     Saturday    Occult Day
Nov 19    Sunday    The Day to Have A Bad Day
Nov 19    Sunday    International Men’s Day



Nov 19    Sunday    World Toilet Day
Nov 20    Monday    National Absurdity Day
Nov 20    Monday    Make It A Beautiful Day

Nov 21    Tuesday    World Hello Day
Nov 22    Wednesday    Go For a Ride Day

thanksgiving dinner.jpg

Nov 22    Wednesday    National Start Your Own Country Day
Nov 23    Thursday    Eat a Cranberry Day
Nov 23     Thursday    National Cashew Day
Nov 23     Thursday    National Espresso Day
Nov 23     Thursday    National Thanksgiving Day
Nov 23    Thursday    National Day of Listening

Nov 24    Friday        Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Photo Model Jimmy Flint-Smith

Photo Model Jimmy Flint-Smith

Nov 24    Friday        Black Friday
Nov 24    Friday        Buy Nothing Day
Nov 24    Friday        Evolution Day
Nov 25     Saturday        National Parfait Day
Nov 26     Sunday          Cake Day
Nov 28     Tuesday         Red Planet Day

Mars - The Red Planet

Mars - The Red Planet

Nov 29    Wednesday    Electronic Greeting Card Day
Nov 29    Wednesday   National Square Dance Day
Nov 30    Thursday        Computer Security Day




The Urge for Adventure - September 2017

Hiker with Sun.jpg

Hey Guys,
Last month in the August issue, I passed on some great ideas for exploration, and reasons to get up off the couch, and that was beside the Solar Eclipse. Perhaps many who watched the eclipse were inspired to reflect and to become more of their awesome best.
September offers yet another variety of opportunities to increase your social activity or enhance your social skills to attract success. September is considered the Self-Improvement Month.  Engaging in activities this month might help you find something valuable about yourself. It is all the more reason for you to get off that couch and out that door, or at least to set a goal to hone any latent ability you might have tucked away.  

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See suggestions below to help start your search for fun and adventure in September.



•    Classical Music Month (Something before 1950)



Mexican Month.png

•    Hispanic Heritage Month

•    Baby Safety Month
•    Better Breakfast Month
•    Cable TV Month
•    Children's Eye Health and Safety Month
•    Fall Festival’s (Sept. 30-Oct. 31, 2017)
•    International Square-Dancing Month
•    Library Card Sign-Up Month
•    National Chicken Month
•    National Courtesy Month

Honey Month.jpg

•    National Honey Month
•    National Piano Month
•    National Rice Month
•    National Read-A-New-Book Month
•    National School Success Month
•    National Sewing Month
•    National Women of Achievement Month

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•    Hispanic Heritage Week (2nd Week)

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•    Constitution Week (3rd Week)
•    National Child Care Week (3rd Week)
•    National Flower Week (3rd Week)


•    National Dog Week (4th Week)







September 1-4, 2017  
Eid-al-Adha (the Festival of Sacrifice.) 

Sep 21-22, 2017
Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year)
Friday Sept. 01
Emma M. Nutt Day
National Cherry Popover Day
No Rhyme or Reason DAY

Saturday Sept. 02
Bison-Tell-Yell Day (also known as -200th anniversary celebration of any imaginary character of your choosing day) 

Sunday Sept. 03
Skyscraper Day

Labor day.jpg

Monday Sept. 04




Eat an Extra Dessert Day

Tuesday Sept. 05
Be Late for Something Day
National Cheese Pizza Day

Wednesday Sept. 06
Fight Procrastination Day
Read a Book Day

Thursday Sept. 07
National Salami Day

Friday Sept. 08
International Literacy Day
National Date Nut Bread Day
Pardon Day

Saturday Sept. 09
Teddy Bear Day

Sunday Sept. 10
Swap Ideas Day

Grandparent's Day
National Pet Memorial Day


Monday Sept. 11

remember 911.jpg

911 Remembrance

Patriots Day
Make Your Bed Day

Tuesday Sept. 12
Chocolate Milk Shake Day
National Video Games Day
Wednesday Sept. 13
Defy Superstition Day
National Peanut Day
Positive Thinking Day
Uncle Sam Day – (image first used 1813)

Thursday Sept. 14
Hug Your Hound Day

National Cream-Filled Donut Day

Friday Sept. 15
Make a Hat Day
POW/MIA Recognition Day

Saturday Sept. 16
Collect Rocks Day
Guacamole Day

Mexican Independence Day
Step Family Day
Working Parents Day

Sunday Sept. 17

EMMY Award.jpg

69th Annual Emmy Awards

International Country Music Day
National Apple Dumpling Day
Citizenship Day

     Wife Appreciation Day 



Monday Sept. 18    
National Cheeseburger Day

Tuesday Sept. 19    
International Talk Like A Pirate Day
National Gymnastics Day

Wednesday Sept. 20    
National Punch Day

Thursday Sept. 21    
International Peace Day

Miniature Golf Day

World Gratitude Day
Friday Sept. 22  
Autumn Equinox / Mabon - (Fall begins)
    National Business Women's Day
Native American Day (4th Friday)
Hobbit Day

Friday Sept. 23
Checkers Day

Saturday Sept. 24
National Cherries Jubilee Day

Sunday Sept. 24
Punctuation Day


Monday Sept. 25
National Comic Book Day


Tuesday Sept. 26
Johnny Appleseed Day

love notes.jpg

Love Note Day


Wednesday Sept. 27
Crush a Can Day (think recycle)

Thursday Sept. 28    
Ask a Stupid Question Day.
National Good Neighbor Day. 

Friday Sept. 29  
International Confucius Day Celebration 

cup of coffee.jpg

National Coffee Day

Saturday Sept 30. 
Hot Mulled Cider Day

National Mud Pack Day

Yom Kippur

Man Love

I have a curiosity about people and their interaction with each other. While attending a Birthday party recently, my attention was drawn to a group of Jocks who were gathered together (as far away from the dance floor as they could get.) but it was their body stance and posturing, as well as their nervous laughter while talking that had caught my attention.

As it turned out, their conversation was on: ‘Bromance’ and how confusing the term was, one fellow said: “I love this guy (pointing to the man standing next to him), but hey, don’t get me wrong, we are straight and married.” I thought it was funny that he had to point out the obvious, but I guess with people calling themselves any number of sexual orientations and the list growing every day, that he felt he needed a qualifier.

In this current age of transformative roles and changing morality, the question of male love / bonding really becomes tricky.  As human beings, we naturally experience changes during the course of our lives here on planet Earth with some appearing to come out of left field.  These changes are challenging, even overwhelming at times.

Individuals find themselves unconsciously seeking to make sense of it.  I feel they are trying to articulate their Archetypal journey from sense to soul - The path that is hidden beneath the surface. In the case of this male bonding episode it was grist for my mill to ponder, I call it Tantalum or the practice of contemplation to clarify.

It may seem a bit odd to think that the answer to this form of relationship lay in the Ancient Archetypes. Let's bring examples of those mythic archetypes to the forefront of our mind to lend some clues and have a chance to release some taboos about our man friends in the flow of daily encounters.

Seldom is a Conscious focus used to understand what may be going on with us, life just seems to happen. Thus, some wander disoriented through life, others on a self-destructive path, in a world that is understood, and measured primarily by the external environment. Seldom by a choice of the Conscious Contemplation.

You hear all the time how we have lost sight of the personal connection be it with environment, each other, and with even our self.  We have a disconnect from the Archetypal Source. Sadly, too, we have come to understand “myth” as a lie rather than the symbolic and metaphoric gateway to a deeper truth.

For example, when the guy was talking about his love of his buddy, a piece of the mythic story or experience came to my mind. It was told to me years ago as a form of American Indian lore about manhood and love.

Love in Indian lore as per males, was described not as a concept revolved around a romantic getting your grove on sentimentality, but rather shown as adherence to service and duty.

Every boy, from the beginning of his training, was an embryo public servant. He put into daily practice lessons that reflected public service, so in this way, it would become part of him. His expectation for his service was not salary, nor prizes to work for. He took his tribute in the recognition of the community’s betterment and the consciousness of unselfish service.

The finest love a man could develop then was with his fellow men in unselfish service; these friendships were thought to be - the severest test of character.

You'd think it would have been loyalty to family and clan, or man and woman. The love between man and woman founded on the mating instinct and is often times not free from desire and self-seeking. But to have a friend, and to be a true friend under any and all trials, was considered the mark of a man! The highest type of friendship was the relation of ‘brother-friend’ or ‘life-and-death friend.’ This bond between man and man was usually formed in early youth, and could only be broken by death. It is the essence of camaraderie and fraternal love, it was considered beyond the thought of pleasure or gain, and whose bases is on support and inspiration. Each is vowed to die for the other if need be, and nothing is denied the brother-friend, but neither is anything required beyond their bond.

Their Courage was predicated on the ability to forget oneself in the pursuit of duty and the desire to serve and protect others. Bravery was a high moral virtue, yet it did not consist so much in the form of aggressive self-assertion, but in the development of conscious self-control.  The effect of the vigorous physical training young men participated in, was thought to be a way sports and games could serve as a funnel for their sexual energy, so that they might maintain a courageous self-mastery in their lives. A boy was taught by the men in his tribe how to use this skill in hunting, fishing, and the warrior defense of their agrarian way of life. Also to understand the tribe’s code of service and to learn to be led by Spirit.

Men’s groups known as fraternal organizations have existed as far back as ancient Greece and Rome. In the 1950-60’s there were many different fraternal groups in the United States, and I would guess a good 30 to 40% of adult males belonged to one or another of these kinds of organizations.  Many with animal sounding names such as Lions, Moose, Goose, Eagles, Owls, Orioles - or with names like - Odd Fellows, Knights of..., Veterans of…, Freemasons, Rotary, to name only a few of the vast array.

Men associated with these organizations with the intent to bring out the best in themselves through companionship and brotherhood; these environments were dedicated to the intellectual, physical, and social development of its members, and in some way, somehow to be of service to their community.

So I entertain, in this current age of contemporary coded language – that entails words like - Bro, Bromance, Dudes, Posse, and Wing-men -  that the context of these 21st Century words, have a deeper and more Universal Reality that is the same in all cultures, and all times, which is the Mystery that binds all lives, which is Love.

These are ancient archetypal rooted practices are trans-formative in a man experiences. It is the “encounter” experienced as a larger focused context of Purpose. That brings clarity to relationships and a larger sense of Love.

“Amazing things begin to happen when we do what we can where we are. Albert Schweitzer, the French Nobel Peace Prize recipient of 1953, expressed it this way: “I am certain of one thing. The only ones among us who will ever be truly happy are those of us who have sought and found a way to serve."

The greatest shift in most of our lives will take place when we decide to make ourselves available to something greater than our-self. The moment that the internal dialogue moves from the question “What’s in it for me?” to the question of “How can I be of service?” will be the movement in the direction of discovering our unique relationships with others.

Otherwise there is that uncomfortable veil feeling, as if something is missed.  As if the Universe has kept knowledge hidden from you. Look closer then at what your relationships are - to the Men in your lives, to Service, and what you say you Love. To be more present, be more patient, and to stay on purpose that delivers you to the possibility of a life-lived-in-depth, the possibility of authentic living. By keeping it real, the veil is lifted.