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One on One

My one-on-one life coaching sessions have been designed for people with a decent enough life, yet who feel that they are not producing their optimal life experience. So if you are feeling that your daily routine is out of balance or that your relationships are sucking the very air out of your being, for example, then it may be time to rethink or redefine your real purpose.

Optimal living means different things to different people and I am here to help you sort out how to live an authentic, loving, successful, and happy life. There is great wisdom in everyone’s life experiences that can act as a decoder to understanding your true desire and to help move you forward to self-discovery.  Keys to the understanding the balance of Self, Family/Friends/Community, and the World, rather than choosing to stay with the dull pain of unconsciousness that could last the rest of your life.

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Life coaching is for those who want to be at the top of their game, like athletes who have coaches, who know that to reach their top performance they cannot do it alone and that with a coach they will discover new perspectives, become conscious of defeating habits, and set strategies to improve or broaden their vision. 

Are you ready for the next step? Wanting more than waiting for the end of a work shift, or a vacation to find fulfillment? Are you ready to commit to yourself as someone who matters?

Then let’s talk about how to ignite, discover, and clarify your passions, live a more authentic life using decision-making tools for your future.

One-on-one life coaching and mentoring sessions can be arranged on a fee-based sliding scale.

So let’s talk.

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