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As we enter our third year anniversary, we will continue to provide advice and generally useful information to help you find those undiscovered moments, in a well-lived life. It's a mind space to innovate, reflect, refresh, re-direct, and to re-connect.


 2018: A Year for Conscious Direction or Reaction?


SOC entered our 3rd year of operation in Feburary 2018. Site of Contact (SOC) was created for guys in pursuit of making their today better than yesterday. It’s a site where one can be with their discontent, discover new perspectives, and perhaps learn to move and share each other’s experiences of best practices.

2017: was a year that SOC presented an exercise for you in the art of change. It was to treat each month as an opportunity to "Re-imagine" or Evolve yourself in some way monthly, if not daily. Each day, you were asked to focus your attention on being conscious of how you lived that day. You imagine yourself as a daily page in a journal book. What you did that day, and what happened as a result of that, became written pages of your journal... which meant that you were, in some degree, in control of your story. Rewrites or changes to a page could take place by your conscious review of each situation and what course of action you choose, or not choose, to enact either that following minute, hour, day, month. It was an exercise, always up to you, your decision, of how you could re-imagine your life in 2017, your 'Today.

In 2018, you can enlarge on that concept of you as the 'Change Maker,' making today better than yesterday. Taking a stance, not so much as a re-actor to circumstance, but as a deliberate innovator and co-creator of change. This year consider using Strategic Thinking as a way forward to your success. You can achieve better living through creative pro-action rather than reaction. 

Image credit: Shutterstock

Image credit: Shutterstock

Strategic thinking is a human’s ability to take information, or an idea, to process it in such a way as to attach a value to it, meaning to make a decision on the validity of its metrics, based on facts and evidence. This is a much slower process than accepting data as it is first presented to you, and it can mean a second look and a different reaction to news that first brushes by you. This process can lead to better planning and a more successful course of action in your use of time and resources in pursuing your life goals. 

It’s a calm, deliberate way of unpacking what can seem like an overwhelming rush of emotions or conscious confusion from news, data, or events. It’s about pausing for a beat, and rethinking the information. This approach has been successful when it becomes a Habit in helping people discern achievement with a higher degree of positive social engagement within their world, pausing for a beat to find out what was the unconscious or unconsidered perspective that lead to missing the mark in accomplishing their goals in the past, pausing for a beat to find out: What is the bigger picture, their Truth? James Ronald Ryun is an American track and field athlete who reminds us that “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”


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Within each season there is a challenge to create habits for reevaluating, cleaning out, reorganizing, or recycling of things - a refocus of where your awareness has been. You have a different vantage point presenting itself to you in the Now. Each season of your life is different than what you viewed yesterday... You might find Winter is a great time to pause, create and rework some of those stories of darkness and light in your life, and to come up with a strategic plan. -  Calvin Harris, H. W., M.


P.S.- Is there a strategic thinking incident in your life, that you used, that helped you see the meaning inside the moment? I’d love to hear about it, email me.


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