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SiteOfContact (SOC) takes in the broader scope of success, and successful living, which goes beyond the boardroom, the bedroom and or on the ball field, to those fundamental forces that shape success or failure.

Articles that help you to reexamine cultural, social, family, political, or financial assumption’s. Blog posts to re-focus and raise awareness on what is a healthy and successful Human.

SOC provides articles with concepts to feed your ability to formulate, to question, to create and own your own personal story in ways that are interesting, fun, and satisfying - through fresh thinking and unique perspectives. Building your authenticity and self-ownership as the architect of your habits rather than the victim of them?

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 2018: A Year for Conscious Direction or Reaction?

SOC in 2018 moved focus from "just" Motivation to Strategy. To encourage you to become strategic about your time, your relationships, your goals, your processes, and your actions. Strategic thinking when consciously applied regularly can become a Habit. Benefits reported were a higher degree of positive social engagement. The ability to root out what is unconscious or unconsidered as perspectives that can lead to missed accomplishments and success. 

James Ronald Ryun is an American track and field athlete who reminds us that “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

Strategic thinking is a human’s ability to take information, or an idea, to process it in such a way as to attach a value to it, meaning to make a decision on the validity of its metrics

 Making it happen

Making it happen

SOC articles provide data, perhaps additional or alternative information, that gives cause for you to act, not so much as a re-actor to circumstance, but more in a deliberate pragmatic way to innovate and co-create change when dealing with issues important to you.

At the top of SOC pages are the section headings that will take you into a variety of  SiteOfContact articles. Please peruse these pages for insights, humor, or just for the pictures... and oh yes, drop me a line and tell me what you think. -  Calvin Harris, H. W., M

 So What's Next

So What's Next

The site strives to inform, engage, entertain, inspire, and educate. So if you are seeking... then this may be the place to start you on your way.

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