The Urge for Adventure - November 2017

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Hey, Guys,
Last month in the October issue, I passed on some great ideas for exploration, and reasons to get up off the couch and create your own personal magic. November offers even more off the charts gathering with friends and family,  parties, one-on-one encounters that encourage new and original ways to engage with people that you have known for a long time or  with those who are new to you. Yes, November is another chance for you to shine and to become more of your awesome best.

 Engaging in activities this month might surprise you. You could even find some shockingly latent information or abilities you might have tucked away in the attic of your mind. So here are suggestions to help kick-start your plans for fun and adventure in November.

November 2017 MONTH-LONG EVENTS:



Aviation History Month
Family Stories Month
Greens and Plantains Month

Photo by Michael Zonta

Photo by Michael Zonta

Historic Bridge Awareness Month
Military Family Appreciation Month
National Alzheimer’s Disease Month
National COPD Month
National Diabetes Month
National Family Caregivers Month
National Gratitude Month
National Impotency Month

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National Life Writing Month
National Native American Heritage Month
National Family Literacy Month
National Pomegranate Month
National Roasting Month
National Scholarship Month
Vegan Month







NOVEMber week-Long EVENTS

National Farm Toy Show Days, November 3-5 (First Full Weekend)
National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, November 5-11 (First Full Week)
Give Wildlife A Brake! Week, November 6-11 (First Full Week)
National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week, November 11-19 (nine day)
Geography Awareness Week, November 12-18 (2nd Full Week)
National Split Pea Soup Week, November 12-18 (2nd Full Week)
International Restorative Justice Week, November 19-25 (Third Week)
World Kindness Week, November 12-18 (Always has the 13th in it)


American Education Week, November 13-17 (Week Before Thanksgiving)
National Family Week, November 19-25 (Always Thanksgiving Week)
National Game and Puzzle Week, November 19-25
Better Conversation Week, November 19-25
Black Friday Deal Week, November 22-28 



Nov 1              Wednesday                All Saint's Day

Nov 1              Wednesday                Author's Day

Nov 2              Thursday                    All Soul's Day                        

Nov 2              Thursday                    Deviled Eggs Day

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Nov 2        Thursday   Men Make Dinner Day
Nov 3        Friday        Housewife's Day                    
Nov 3        Friday        Sandwich Day
Nov 4        Saturday    Book Lovers Day    
Nov 4        Saturday    Common Sense Day
Nov 5        Sunday    Zero Tasking Day

Cooking mans book.jpg

Nov 6      Monday    Marooned without a Compass Day
Nov 6      Monday    Saxophone Day
Nov 7      Tuesday    Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
Nov 8      Wednesday    Cook Something Bold Day
Nov 9      Thursday    Chaos Never Dies Day
Nov 10    Friday        Forget Me Not Day
Nov 10    Friday        Vanilla Cupcake Day
Nov 10    Friday        USMC Day
Nov 11    Saturday   Veterans' Day

Michael Stokes Photo

Michael Stokes Photo

Nov 11    Saturday    Origami Day
Nov 12    Sunday    Chicken Soup for the Soul Day    
Nov 12    Sunday    Happy Hour Day    
Nov 13    Monday    World Kindness Day
Nov 13    Monday    Sadie Hawkins Day
Nov 14    Tuesday    Young Readers Day

male nurses.jpg

Nov 14     Tuesday    Operating Room Nurse Day
Nov 14    Tuesday    Pickle Day




Nov 15     Wednesday      National Philanthropy Day

Nov 15    Wednesday    Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

bake it like a man.jpg

Nov 16    Thursday    Fast Food Day
Nov 16    Thursday    International Tolerance Day
Nov 16    Thursday    Use Less Stuff Day
Nov 17    Friday         Electronic Greeting Card Day

Nov 17     Friday   Homemade Bread Day
Nov 17     Friday  World Peace Day Take
Nov 18     Saturday   National Adoption Day

Occult symbols.jpg

Nov 18     Saturday    Occult Day
Nov 19    Sunday    The Day to Have A Bad Day
Nov 19    Sunday    International Men’s Day



Nov 19    Sunday    World Toilet Day
Nov 20    Monday    National Absurdity Day
Nov 20    Monday    Make It A Beautiful Day

Nov 21    Tuesday    World Hello Day
Nov 22    Wednesday    Go For a Ride Day

thanksgiving dinner.jpg

Nov 22    Wednesday    National Start Your Own Country Day
Nov 23    Thursday    Eat a Cranberry Day
Nov 23     Thursday    National Cashew Day
Nov 23     Thursday    National Espresso Day
Nov 23     Thursday    National Thanksgiving Day
Nov 23    Thursday    National Day of Listening

Nov 24    Friday        Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Photo Model Jimmy Flint-Smith

Photo Model Jimmy Flint-Smith

Nov 24    Friday        Black Friday
Nov 24    Friday        Buy Nothing Day
Nov 24    Friday        Evolution Day
Nov 25     Saturday        National Parfait Day
Nov 26     Sunday          Cake Day
Nov 28     Tuesday         Red Planet Day

Mars - The Red Planet

Mars - The Red Planet

Nov 29    Wednesday    Electronic Greeting Card Day
Nov 29    Wednesday   National Square Dance Day
Nov 30    Thursday        Computer Security Day