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Urge for Adventure June 2019



Hey all!

Welcome to another monthly selection of activity nuggets, the month of June features exploration and sensations that can expand your personal boundaries by breaking habits in small steps.

In your plan you must integrate elements of fun. Therefor we have activities that you can interact with as much or as little as you like but are design to expand your norm.  This is about summer and you, examining and unleashing boundaries. It is a roundabout way of getting you to feelings, and having gratification in your authenticity, and self-ownership in yourself as the architect of your habits rather than the victim of them.  

Thus, we provide wacky, yet useful information that not only is to Motivate you (that’s what gets you started) but that also helps form Habits (that keeps you going.}

I’ve compiled an assortment of monthly to daily activities that are for laughs, intrigue, and or to get your butt into action. So Try one you might like it.  


 Unique & Fun Themes for June 2019 


June 2019 Special MONTH-LONG EVENT:











Pride Month

Pride Month

GAY LESBIAN, BISEXUAL, TRANSGENDER PRIDE MONTH -50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising and celebration Pride Month











National Safety Month

National Soul Food Month

National smile and Oral Health Month

Professional Wellness Month

PTSD Awareness Month

Rebuild Your Life Month


WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE Month (Northern Hemisphere)


National Boating & Fishing: June 01-09

National Lemonade Days: June 01-09

Protected Valuables

Protected Valuables

Bed Bug Awareness Week: June 02-08

Community Health Improvement Week: Jun 02-08

National Business Etiquette Week: June 02-08

National Headache Awareness Week: June 02-08

National Sun Safety Week: June 02-08

Pet Appreciation Week: June 02-08

Hemp History Week: June 03-09

Superman Days: June 06-09

Greencare For Troops Days: June 09-15

Nat’l Auto Service Professionals Week: June 09-15

National Email Week: June 09-15

National Flag Week: June 09-15

National Body Piercing Week: June 10-16

National Men's Health Week: June 10-16

National Hermit Week: June 13-20

National Nursing Assistants Days: June 13-19

US Open Golf Championship: June 13-16

Duct Tape Days: June 13-15

Animal Rights Awareness: June 16-22

National Craft Spirits Week: June 16-22

Universal Father's Week: June 16-22

Bartender of The Year Days: June 17-20

Meet A Mate Week: June 17-23

National Pollinator Week: June 17-23

Lightning Safety Awareness Week: June 23-29

National Mosquito Awareness Week: June 23-29

Windjammer Days: June 23-29

Nat’l Awareness & Prevention of Eye Injuries: June 27 -July 04

North American Organic Brewers Days: June 28-30

Water Ski Days: June 28-30

When you think you are looking like the Tour de France

When you think you are looking like the Tour de France

Tour de France: June 29-July 21

National Tom Sawyer Days: June 30-July 04


Sat. Jun 1 Artichoke Days

Sat. Jun 1 Drawing or Pencil Day

Sat. Jun 1 Heimlich Maneuver Day

Sat. Jun 1 National Bubbly Day

Sat. Jun 1 National Dare Day:

Sat. Jun 1 National Go Barefoot Day

Sat. Jun 1 National Olive Day


Sat. Jun 1 National Pen Pal Day

Sat. Jun 1 National Trails Day

Sat. Jun 1 Say Something Nice Day

Sat. Jun 1 Superman's Birthday

Sat. Jun 1 World Reef Day

Sun. Jun 2 National Animal Rights Day

Sun. Jun 2 National Bubba Day

Sun. Jun 2 National Cancer Survivors Day

Sun. Jun 2 Nat’l Gun Violence Awareness Day

Sun. Jun 2 International Sex Workers Day

Sun. Jun 2 National Rotisserie Chicken Day

Sun. Jun 2 Children's Memorial Day

Mon. Jun 3 Leave The Office Early Day

Mon. Jun 3 National Repeat Day

Mon. Jun 3 Wonder Woman Day

Mon. Jun 3 World Bicycle Day

Tue. Jun 4 Audacity To Hope Day

Tue. Jun 4 National Cheese Day

Tue. Jun 4 National Cognac Day

Tue. Jun 4 Int’l Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

Tue. Jun 4 International Hug Your Cat Day

Tue. Jun 4 National SAFE Day

Tue. Jun 4 Old Maid's Day

Wed. Jun 5 Baby Boomers Recognition

Earth =Atmos Bios Geo Hydro =Sphere.jpg

Wed. Jun 5 Festival of Popular Delusions Day

Wed. Jun 5 Global Running Day

Wed. Jun 5 Hot Air Balloon Day

Wed. Jun 5 National Moonshine Day

Wed. Jun 5 National Gingerbread Day

Wed. Jun 5 National Tailors Day

Wed. Jun 5 National Veggie Burgers Day

Wed. Jun 5 World Environment Day

Thur. Jun 6       Atheists Pride Day

Thur. Jun 6       Drive-in Movie Day

Thur. Jun 6       National Eye-wear Day

Thur. Jun 6       Nat’l Gardening Exercise Day

Thur. Jun 6       National Higher Education Day

Thur. Jun 6       YMCA Day

Thur. Jun 6       Yo Yo Day



Fri. Jun 7           Banana Split Days

Fri. Jun 7           Donuts Day [Salvation Army]

Fri. Jun 7           Horseradish Days

Fri. Jun 7           Nat’l Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Fri. Jun 7           VCR Day



The Wave.jpg

Sat. Jun 8           Best Friends Day

Sat. Jun 8          Belmont Stakes

Sat. Jun 8          Family Fitness & Health Day

Sat. Jun 8          Int’l Shavout (at Sundown)

Sat. Jun 8          Name Your Poison Day

Sat. Jun 8          National Rose' (wine) Day

Sat. Jun 8           World Bike Naked Day

Sat. Jun 8           World Gin Day

Sat. Jun 8           World Knit & Crotchet Day

Sat. Jun 8           World Oceans Day


Sun. Jun 9         Abused Women & Children's Awareness Day

Multicultural Two Worlds One Life

Multicultural Two Worlds One Life

Sun. Jun 9         International Archives Day

Sun. Jun 9         Interracial Marriage Loving Day

Sun. Jun 9         Multicultural American Child Day

Sun. Jun 9         Toy Industry Day

Sun. Jun 9         World Races Unity Day



Mon. Jun 10     Ball Point Pen Day

Mon. Jun 10     Founders Alcoholics Anonymous Day

Herbs & Spice

Herbs & Spice

Mon. Jun 10     Iced Tea Day:

Mon. Jun 10     National Herbs & Spices Day

Tue. Jun 11       Corn on the Cob Day

Make Life Beautiful

Make Life Beautiful

Tue. Jun 11       National Cotton Candy Day

Tue. Jun 11       National Dirty Book Day

Tue. Jun 11       National Make Life Beautiful Day

Tue. Jun 11       World Pet Memorial Day



Wed. Jun 12     Crowded Nest Awareness Day

Wed. Jun 12     National Jerky Meat Day

Wed. Jun 12     National Interracial Marriage Day

Wed. Jun 12     National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Wed. Jun 12     National Red Rose Day

Wed. Jun 12     Superman Day

Thur. Jun 13     National Kitchen Klutzes Day

Thur. Jun 13     Weed Your Garden Day

Thur. Jun 13     National Career Nursing Assistants Day

Thur. Jun 13     Random Acts of Light

Thur. Jun 13     Roller Coaster Day


Fri. Jun 14         National Bourbon Day

Fri. Jun 14         Army's Birthday

Fri. Jun 14         Family History Day

Fri. Jun 14         Flag Day: 14

Fri. Jun 14         International Bath Day

Fri. Jun 14         Monkey Around Day

Flip Flops.jpg

Fri. Jun 14         National Flip Flop Day

Fri. Jun 14         Wear Blue Day

Fri. Jun 14         World Blood Donor Day



Sat. Jun 15        Global Wind Day

Sat. Jun 15        Magna Carta Day

Sat. Jun 15        Mermaids/men Day

Sat. Jun 15        Native American Citizenship Day

Sat. Jun 15        Nature Photography Day

Sat. Jun 15        Nat’l Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers

Sat. Jun 15        National Smile Power Day

Sat. Jun 15        Prune Day

Sat. Jun 15        World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Sat. Jun 15        World Juggling Day


Sun. Jun 16       Husband Caregiver Day

Fathers Day

Fathers Day

Sun. Jun 16       National Father's Day

Sun. Jun 16       National Fudge Day       

Sun. Jun 16       National Apple Strudel & Cherry Tart Day

Sun. Jun 16       Eat Fresh Veggies Day

Sun. Jun 16       National Turkey Lovers’ Day


Mon. Jun 17     National Garbage Man Day

Mon. Jun 17     Motorcycle To Ride To Work Day

Mon. Jun 17     World Day To Combat Desertification & Drought

Mon. Jun 17     World Tessellation Day (perfectly repeating shapes & patterns)


 Tue. Jun 18       Autistic Pride Day

Tue. Jun 18       International Picnic Day

Tue. Jun 18       International Sushi Day

Gone fishing

Gone fishing

Tue. Jun 18       National Go Fishing Day

Tue. Jun 18       National Splurge Day

Tue. Jun 18       Sustainable Gastronomy Day


Wed. Jun 19     National BSD Computer System Day

Juneteenth is commemorated at the African Burial Ground National Monument Day Slaves were freed

Juneteenth is commemorated at the African Burial Ground National Monument Day Slaves were freed

Wed. Jun 19     National Juneteenth - U. S. Abolish Slavery

Wed. Jun 19     National Martini Day

Wed. Jun 19     National Sauntering Day

Wed. Jun 19     Int’l Day For Elimination of Sexual Conflict Violence

Thur. Jun 20 National Bald Eagle Day

Thur. Jun 20 National Ice Cream Soda Day

Thur. Jun 20 Dump The Pump/ Public Trans Day

Thur. Jun 20 National Kouign Amann Day

Thur. Jun 20 World Productivity Day

Thur. Jun 20 World Refugee Day

Fri. Jun 21 Atheists Solidarity Day

Fri. Jun 21 Global Orgasm Day

Fri. Jun 21 International Day of Yoga

Midsummer Solstice

Midsummer Solstice

Fri. Jun 21 Midsummer Sumner Solstice / Daylight Savings

Fri. Jun 21 World Humanist Day

Fri. Jun 21 World Hydrography Data Day

Fri. Jun 21 World Music Day

Sat. Jun 22        Baby Boomer's Recognition Day: 22

Sat. Jun 22        H VAC Technicians Day: 22  Link)

Sat. Jun 22        Great American Backyard Camp out

Sat. Jun 22        Stupid Guy Thing Day

Sat. Jun 22        Worldwide VW Beetle Day

Sat. Jun 22        National Chocolate Eclair Day       

Sat. Jun 22        National Onion Ring Day

Sat. Jun 22        Heat, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Day

Sun. Jun 23       National Columnists Day

Sun. Jun 23       National Eat At A Food Truck Day


Sun. Jun 23       National Hydration Day

Sun. Jun 23       National It Go Day

Sun. Jun 23       Pink Flamingo Day

Sun. Jun 23       Public Service Day

Sun. Jun 23       Runner's Selfie Day

Sun. Jun 23       SAT Math Day

Sun. Jun 23       Typing Day

Mon. Jun 24 Celebration of the Senses

Mon. Jun 24 International Fairy Day

Mon. Jun 24 Litha

Mon. Jun 24 National Pralines Day

Mon. Jun 24 National Swim a Lap Day

Mon. Jun 24 Take My Children To Work Day

Mon. Jun 24 Stonewall National Monument Day

Mon. Jun 24 World UFO Day

Tue. Jun 25 Color TV Day

Tue. Jun 25 Day of The Seafarer

Tue. Jun 25 Global Beatles Day

Tue. Jun 25 Global Smurfs Day

Tue. Jun 25 Leon Day

Tue. Jun 25 National Catfish Day

Tue. Jun 25 National Columnists Day

Wed. Jun 26 Beautician's (Hairstylist) Day

Wed. Jun 26 Chocolate Pudding Day

Wed. Jun 26 Tropical Cocktails Day

Wed. Jun 26 World Forgiveness Day

Wed. Jun 26 Harry Potter Day

Wed. Jun 26 Int’l Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking

Wed. Jun 26 Int’l Day Support Victims of Torture

Wed. Jun 26 National Canoe Day

Wed. Jun 26 National Parchment Cooking Day

Wed. Jun 26 Same Sex Marriage Day

Thur. Jun 27 Helen Keller Day

Thur. Jun 27 Industrial Workers of The World Day

Small Business Enterprise

Small Business Enterprise

Thur. Jun 27 Micro, Small, & Medium-Sized Enterprises Day

Thur. Jun 27 National Handshake Day

Thur. Jun 27 National HIV Testing Day

Thur. Jun 27 National Onion Day

Thur. Jun 27 National Orange Blossom Day

Thur. Jun 27 National PTSD Awareness Day

Thur. Jun 27 National Sunglasses Day

Fri. Jun 28 Insurance Awareness Day

Food Truck.jpg

Fri. Jun 28 International Body Piercing Day

Fri. Jun 28 National Food Truck Day

Fri. Jun 28 Tau Day

Sat. Jun 29 International Day Of The Tropics

Sat. Jun 29 International Mud Day

Sat. Jun 29 National Camera Day

Sat. Jun 29 National Hugs for Health Day

Sat. Jun 29 National Haskap Berry Day

Sat. Jun 29 Waffle Iron Day

Sat. Jun 29 World Camera Day

Sun. Jun 30 Asteroid Day

sliced avocado on cuttingboard.jpg

Sun. Jun 30 California Avocado Day

Sun. Jun 30 Descendants Day

Sun. Jun 30 Leap Second Time Adjustment Day

Sun. Jun 30 National Outfit Of The Day, Day

Sun. Jun 30 National Star Meteor Watch Day

Sun. Jun 30 NOW (National Organization For Women) Day

Sun. Jun 30 NYC Pride Day ‘50’ years

Sun. Jun 30 Social Media Day

Urge for Adventure May 2019

By Jim French Photo Artist

By Jim French Photo Artist

Hey guys,

May is more than just about laying around and pleasuring yourself (International Masturbation Month). The Month of May derives it name from Maia, the Greek goddess of fertility. It is associated as  Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn (fall) in the Southern hemisphere. It is said that this is the month when things really start growing (no pun intended). May is considered the height of the growing season, when trees and flowers begin to “Fruit and Seed.” Let us take a cue from the month, in considering how our plans for growth are doing. Do they need more attention?

If you don’t have any plans, then lets start some, create some Habits no matter how small, by giving a look through the list of activities in our Calendar section. Often you will find some new favorite activity to engage in or find ideas that challenge you: Either way, you will come away more empowered within yourself. Then make these activities a part of your regular rituals and routine, habits to spur you into a further life.

Unique & Fun Themes for May 2019 


Aramanth Month

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Building Safety Month

Chip Your Pet Month Link 

Clean Air Month

Creative Beginnings Month

Date Your Mate Month

Gardening Month

Get Caught Reading Month

Global Civility Awareness Month

International Masturbation Month

Jewish-American Heritage Month

Latino Books Month

Military Appreciation Month

Motorcycle Safety Month

Mystery Month

National Barbeque Month

National Bike Month

National Chamber Music Month

National Egg Month

National Foster Care Month

National Good Car Keeping Month

National Hamburger Month 

National Inventors Month

National Meditation Month

National Mental Health Month

National Moving Month

National Pet Month

National Photograph Month

National Preservation Month

National Recommitment Month 

National Salad Month

National Smile Month

National Strawberry Month

National Water Safety Month

Older Americans Month

DNA Average Faces of the World

DNA Average Faces of the World

Personal & Global Health - Fitness Awareness Month

Personal History Month

Skin Cancer Awareness Month 

Spiritual Literacy Month

Textile Month 

Young Achievers of Tomorrow Month


National Hug Week - first full week of May

National Teacher's week first full week of May

Nurse's Week - first full week of May

National Small Business Week- first full week of May

National Etiquette Week – second full week of May

Joy by Jean Louis Toutain. France.jpg

Wildflower Week - week two weeks of May

National Bike Week - third week of May

National Police Week - third week of May

Emergency Medical Services Week - fourth week of May

Remembrance for Lost Lives  WWII – May 8 and 9

Ramadan: May 6, 2019- June 5, 2019


Wed.  May 1  Batman Day

Wed.  May 1  Beltane (Gaelic May Day)

Wed.  May 1  Executive Coaching Day

Wed.  May 1  Global Love Day

Wed.  May 1  Int’l Workers Day

Wed.  May 1  LEI DAY

Wed. May 1   Loyalty Day

Wed. May 1   National Skilled Trades Day

Wed. May 1   Stepmothers Day


Thu. May 2    Nat’l Brothers & Sisters Day

Thu. May 2    World Password Day

Thu. May 2    National Day of Prayer

Thu. May 2    National Day of Reason

Thu. May 2    Roberts Rules of Order Day

Thu. May 2    World Tuna Day


Fri. May 3      Garden Meditation Day

Fri. May 3      Nat’l Two Different  Color Shoes Day

Fri. May 3      International Space Day

Fri. May 3      Public Radio Day

Fri. May 3      World Press Freedom Day

Sat. May 4     Int’l Sauvignon Blanc Day

Sat. May 4     Join Hands Day

Nake garden couple.jpg

Sat. May 4     National Fitness Day

Sat. May 4     National Homebrew Day

Sat. May 4     Kentucky Derby

Sat. May 4     World Naked Gardening Day

Sat. May 4     International Firefighters Day

Sat. May 4     World Giving Day


Sun. May 5    Cartoonists Day

Sun. May 5    Cinco de Mayo

Sun. May 5    Int’l Day of  The Midwife

Sun. May 5    Lemonade Day

Sun. May 5    World Laughter Day


Mon. May 6   Int’l Mgt Accounting Day

Mon. May 6   National Beverage Day

Mon. May 6   No Diet Day

Mon. May 6   National Nurses  & RN Day

Mon. May 6   Ramadan - begins sundown

Tue. May 7    Barrier Awareness Day (breaking down obstacles}

Tue. May 7    Nat’l Cosmopolitan Cocktail Day

Tue. May 7    National Masturbation Day

Plato in his academy,

Plato in his academy,

Tue. May 7    National Tourism Day

Tue. May 7    National Teacher's Day

Tue. May 7    World Day of Genital Autonomy



Wed. May 8   Great American Grump Out

Wed. May 8   Shift Workers/Night Workers Day

Wed. May 8   No Socks Day

Wed. May 8   Occupational Safety and Health Day

Wed. May 8   Nat’l Receptionist Day

Wed. May 8   World Red Cross Day

Wed. May 8   Free Trade Day

Wed. May 8   V-E Day


Thu. May 9    Sleepover Day


Fri. May 10   Child Care  Provider Day

Fri. May 10   Clean up Your Room Day

Fri. May10    Military Spouses Day

Fri. May10    Nat’l Public Gardens Day

Sat May11     National Baby Sitters Day

Sat May11     Eat What You Want Day

Sat May11     International Migratory Bird Day

Sat May11     Mother Ocean Day

Sat May11     National Miniature Golf Day

Sat May11     National Windmill Day

Sat May11     Root Canal Appreciation Day

Sat May11     Spring Astronomy Day

Sat May11     Stay Up All Night

Sat May11     World Fair Trade Day



Symbols of Mother Nature

Symbols of Mother Nature

Fertility Goddesses.jpg

Sun May12    Mother's Day

Sun May12    Native American Rights Day

Sun May12    National Limerick Day

Sun May12    International Nurses Day

Sun. May12   National Train Day

Sun. May12   National Windmill Day


Mon. May13  AFD military/amateur radio tests

Mon. May13  Mon. May13 

Mon. May13  Hummus Day

Mon. May13  Leprechaun Day


Tue. May 14  National Dance Like A Chicken Day

Tue. May 14  National Decency Day

Tue. May 14  The Stars and Stripes Forever Day

Tue. May 14  Underground America Day


Wed May 15  National Chocolate Chip Day

Wed May 15  Int’l Day of Families

Wed May 15  Nat’l Employee Health & Fitness Day

Wed May 15  National Juice Slush Day

Wed May 15  International Nakba Day

Wed May 15  Nylon Stockings Day

Wed May 15  National Slider Day

Wed May 15  Police Officer's Memorial Day

Wed May 15  Turn Beauty Inside Out Day

Thu. May16   Int’l Biographer's Day

Thu. May16   International Day of Light

Thu. May16   Mimosa Day

Thu. May16   National Piercing Day

Aging Gays

Aging Gays

Thu. May 16   Honor Our LGBT Elders' Day

Thu. May 16   Love a Tree Day

Thu. May 16   Wear Purple for Peace Day


Fri. May 17     National Bike to Work Day

Fri. May 17     Int’l Defense Transportation Day

Fri. May 17     Endangered Species Day

Fri. May 17     International Virtual Assistants Day

Fri. May 17     NASCAR Day

Fri. May 17     National Pizza Party Day

Fri. May 17     Pack Rat Day

Fri. May 17     Same Sex Marriage Day

Fri. May 17     Syttende Mai

Fri. May 17     World Telecommunications Day

Fri. May 17     Int’l Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia


Sat. May 18    Armed Forces Day

Sat. May 18    Nat’l Bike to Work Day

Sat. May 18    Do Dah Day Parade

Sat. May 18    No Dirty Dishes Day

Sat. May 18    HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

Sat. May 18    International Museum Day

Sat. May 18    National Learn To Swim Day

Sat. May 18    Morel Mushroom Day

Sat. May 18    Preakness

Sat. May 18    Day of Vesak

Sat. May 18    Visit Your Relatives Day


Sun  May 19   Bay to Breakers Footrace Race

Sun  May 19   Boy's Club Day

Sun  May 19   National Scooter Day

Sun  May 19   Take Parents To The Playground


Mon May 20  Be a Millionaire Day

Mon May 20  Eliza Doolittle Day

Mon May 20  Mohammed Day

Mon May 20  Supply Chain Professional Day

Mon May 20  Victoria Day (Canada)

Mon May 20  Weights & Measures Day 


Tue. May 21   American Red Cross Founder's Day

The World's Cultural Diversity Assessments

The World's Cultural Diversity Assessments

Tue. May 21   World Cultrl Diversity Dialogue & Dvlpmnt

Tue. May 21   End of the World or Rapture Party Day

Tue. May 21   World Goth Day

Tue. May 21   National Memo Day

Tue. May 21   National Waiters & Waitresses Day

Tue. May 21   Pick Strawberries Day


Wed. May 22  Canadian Immigrants Day

Wed. May 22  EMS Day

Wed. May 22  Int’l Day for Biological Diversity

Scott Keen Photo of Penny

Scott Keen Photo of Penny

Wed. May 22  Lucky Penny Day

Wed. May 22  National Maritime Day

Wed. May 22  Sherlock Holmes Day

Wed. May 22  US Colored Troops Day

Wed. May 22  World Goth Day

Wed. May 22  World Paloma Day


Thu. May 23  Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Day

Thu. May 23  EMSC (Emergency Medical Services) Day

Thu. May 23  National Escargot Day

Thu. May 23  National Taffy Day

Thu. May 23  Victoria Day(Canada)

Thu. May 23  World Orienteering Day

Thu. May 23  World Turtle Day


Fri. May 24   Aviation Maintenance Tech Day

Fri. May 24   Brother's Day

Fri. May 24   Don't Fry Friday

Fri. May 24   Morse Code Day

Fri. May 24   National Polka Day

Fri. May 24   National Title Track Day

Fri. May 24   National Brown Bag It Day

Fri. May 24   Tap Dance Day

Fri. May 24   National Wig Out Day



Sat. May 25   Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day

Sat. May 25   International Heritage Breeds Day

Sat. May 25   International Jazz Day

Sat. May 25   Nerd Pride Day or Geek Pride Day

Sat. May 25   National Tap Dance Day

Sat. May 25   Towel Day

Sat. May 25   National Wine Day

Sun. May 26  Indianapolis 500

Sun. May 26  National Chardonnay Day

Sun. May 26  National Paper Airplane Day

Sun. May 26  Neighbor Day

Sun. May 26  Soil Stewardship Sunday

Sun. May 26  World Lindy Hop Day


Mon. May 27 Cellophane Tape Day

Mon. May 27 Joe Cool Day

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Mon. May 27 Memorial Day

Mon. May 27 Prayer for Peace Day

Mon. May 27 Sun Screen Day


Tue. May 28   Amnesty International Day

Tue. May 28   National Hamburger Day

Tue. May 28   Sierra Club Day

Tue. May 28   Slugs Return From Capistrano Day


Wed. May 29  Ascension of Baha'u'Llah

Wed.May 29   Learn About Composting Day           

Wed. May 29  World Otter Day

Wed. May 29  Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day

Wed. May 29  National Senior Health & Fitness Day

Wed. May 29  Int’l United Nations Peacekeepers Day


Thu. May 30  Indianapolis 500 Anniversary

Thu. May 30  Mint Julep Day

Perform Creativity

Perform Creativity

Thu. May 30  National Creativity Day

Thu. May 30  National Nail Tech Day

Thu. May 30  Water a Flower Day


Fri. May 31   Heat Awareness Day

Fri. May 31   National Macaroon Day

Fri. May 31   Save Your Hearing Day

Fri. May 31   What You Think About Grows Day

Fri. May 31   World No Tobacco Day

Urge for Adventure April 2019

April Fools Day

April Fools Day

Hey guys,

April is more than just about April fools day. The Month of April derives it name from the Latin word aperit, which means to open. April is considered the beginning of the growing season, when trees and flowers begin to “open”. So, taking a cue from the month, what are in your plans for your growth season

Give a look through the list of activities in our Calendar section  and find some new favorite activity to engage in or find ideas that challenge you either way, you will come away more empower within yourself. Then make these a part of your regular rituals and routine, habits to spur you into a further life.

April 2019 Month Long Activities


National Humor Month

International Guitar Month

Desert Garden

Desert Garden

Keep America Beautiful Month

Lawn and Garden Month

National Kite Month

National Poetry Month

National Pecan Month

National Welding Month

Records and Information Management Month

Stress Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 2019 Multi Day & Weeks Events

Uncovering it all at the Library

Uncovering it all at the Library

 Week 1 Library Week

Week 1 Read a Road Map Week.

Week 2 Garden Week

Week 3 Organize Your Files Week

Week 3 Medical Labs Week

Week 4 Administrative Assistants Week

Week 4 National Karaoke Week

April 2019 Fun, Special and Wacky Days

Apr  01    Mon       April Fool's Day

Apr  01   Mon        Atheist Day

Apr  01   Mon        Creative Mind & Poetry  Day

Apr  01   Mon        International Fun at Work Day

Apr  01   Mon        International Tatting Day


Apr  02   Tue         Children's Book Day

Apr  02   Tue         National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

Apr  02   Tue         Reconciliation Day


Apr  03   Wed        Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day

Apr  03   Wed        Fan Dance Day

Apr  03   Wed        Film Score Day

Apr  03   Wed        Find a Rainbow Day

Apr  03   Wed         Tweed Day

Apr  03   Wed        Walking Day        

Apr  03   Wed        Weed Out Hate Day

Apr  03   Wed        World Party Day

Apr  04   Thr          Burrito Day

Apr  04   Thr          Hug a Newsman Day

Apr  04   Thr          Mine bomb Awareness Day

Apr  04   Thr          School Librarian Day

Apr  04   Thr          Tell a Lie Day

Apr  04   Thr          Vitamin C Day

Apr  04   Thr          Walk Around Things Day

Apr  04   Thr          World Rat Day



Apr  05   Fri           Go for Broke Day



Apr  05   Fri           Deep Dish Pizza Day

Apr  05   Fri           National Dandelion Day

Apr  05   Fri           Hospital Admitting Clerks Day

Apr  05   Fri           National Walk to Work Day

Apr  05   Fri           Read a Road Map Day



Apr  06   Sat          California Poppy Day

Apr  06   Sat          Drowsy Driver Awareness Day         

Apr  06   Sat          National Tartan Day

Apr  06   Sat          New Beer's Eve

Apr  06   Sat          Int’l Pillow Fight Day

Apr  06   Sat          Plan Your Epitaph Day

Apr  06   Sat          Sport for Development and Peace Day

Apr  07   Sun         National Beer Day

Apr  07   Sun         Caramel Popcorn Day

Apr  07   Sun         World Health Day

Apr  07   Sun         No Housework Day


Apr  08   Mon        All is Ours Day

Apr  08   Mon        Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

Apr  08   Mon        Zoo Lover's Day


Apr  09   Tue         Name Yourself Day

Apr  09   Tue         Winston Churchill Day


Apr 10    Wed        Golfer's Day

Apr 10    Wed        National Siblings Day


Apr  11   Thr          Barbershop Quartet Day

Apr  11   Thr          National Submarine Day


Apr  12   Fri           Big Wind Day

Apr  12   Fri           Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Apr  12   Fri           National Licorice Day

Apr  12   Fri           Russian Cosmonaut Day

Apr  12   Fri           Walk on Your Wild Side Day


Apr  13   Sat          International Plant Appreciation Day

Apr  13   Sat          National Peach Cobbler Day

Apr  13   Sat          Scrabble Day

Apr  14   Sun         Ex-Spouse Day

Apr  14   Sun         Int’l Moment of Laughter Day

Go ahead - do it ! You know you want to . . .

Go ahead - do it ! You know you want to . . .

Apr  14   Sun         Look up at the Sky Day

Apr  14   Sun         National Dolphin Day

Apr  14   Sun         National Pecan Day

Apr  14   Sun         Palm Sunday

Apr  14   Sun         Reach as High as You Can Day


Apr  15   Mon        Income Taxes Due               

Apr  15   Mon        Patriot's Day

Apr  15   Mon        Rubber Eraser Day

Apr  15   Mon        That Sucks Day

Apr  15   Mon        World Art Day



Apr  16   Tue         Mushroom Day

Apr  16   Tue         National Eggs Benedict Day

Apr  16   Tue         National Librarian Day

Apr  16   Tue         National Stress Awareness Day

Apr  16   Tue         Save the Elephant Day


Apr  17   Wed        Bat Appreciation Day

Apr  17   Wed        Blah, Blah, Blah Day

Apr  17   Wed        National Cheeseball Day

Apr  17   Wed        Pet Owners Independence Day  


Apr  18   Thr          Int’l Juggler's & Multi-tasking Day

Apr  18   Thr          National High Five Day

Left, Marty Baron, executive editor of  The Washington Post;  Right,  New York Times  executive editor Dean Baquet.

Left, Marty Baron, executive editor of The Washington Post; Right, New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet.

Apr  18   Thr          Newspaper Columnists Day

Apr  19   Fri           Good Friday

Apr  19   Fri           National Garlic Day

Apr  19   Fri           Passover begins at sundown


Apr 20   Sat          Husband Appreciation Day

Apr 20   Sat          Look Alike Day

Apr 20   Sat          Volunteer Recognition


Apr 21   Sun         Easter Sunday

Apr 21   Sun         Kindergarten Day


Earth Day

Earth Day

Apr  22   Mon        Dyngus Day

Apr  22   Mon        Earth Day

Apr  22   Mon        Girl Scout Leader Day

Apr  22   Mon        National Jelly Bean Day


Apr  23   Tue         Lover's Day

Apr  23   Tue         National Zucchini Bread Day

Apr  23   Tue         Take a Chance Day

Apr  23   Tue         World Laboratory Day


Apr  24   Wed        Administrative Professionals Day

Apr  24   Wed        Pig in a Blanket Day


Apr 25    Thu         East Meets West Day

Apr 25    Thu         Take Your Daughter to Work

Apr 25    Thu         World Penguin Day 

Apr 26    Fri           Arbor Day 

Apr 26    Fri           Hug an Australian Day

Apr 26    Fri           National Pretzel Day

Apr 26    Fri           Richter Scale Day


Apr 27    Sat          Babe Ruth Day

Apr 27    Sat          National Prime Rib Day

Poets & Writers.jpg

Apr 27    Sat          Tell a Story Day


Apr  28   Sun         International Astronomy Day

Apr  28   Sun         Great Poetry Reading Day

Apr  28   Sun         Kiss Your Mate Day

 Apr  29   Mon        Greenery Day

Apr  29   Mon        National Shrimp Scampi Day   


Apr  30   Tue         Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Apr  30   Tue         National Honesty Day  

Engaging your Distinctive Character is more than a Unit of Information


Artist Jason Beamguard photo Minnesota 2012

Artist Jason Beamguard photo Minnesota 2012

Having a better life can be likened to modification in restoring an old car. You transform it in your mind first, that is, decide what are you wanting to do with it. Then you go about getting the necessary information and parts needed for that type of transformation, and only then do you begin the work on it.  When it’s done people say – you’ve brought out that cars unique “Character.”  Like that car’s character,  your modifications to self brings out your real character. It requires active participation in challenging new experiences, but not without first conscious reflection upon your encounters in life, and a purpose or direction in which you want those alterations to take you. New experiences alone will not result in core personality changes without the formation of thoughts that can produce your new habits. You see our habits reveal our character. Only by thinking and acting differently does a person attain that quality of character that they seek.


It's about engaging with that bright hope that life offers, a hope that makes us brave and expels darkness with light. It does not happen without being able to reflect on yourself, maybe even  laugh at yourself, to allow yourself whimsy, and a love for what you do, and most of all the abandonment of worry of who’s watching.

So empower the rest of your year. Give a look through the list of activities in our Calendar section  and find some new favorite activity to engage in and make it a part of your own regular routine of habits.

Urge For Adventure March 2019


Giambologna's Dresden Mars.

Giambologna's Dresden Mars.

Feel like a God – It’s March named for the Roman God "Mars." So let’s put some action into that step of yours. Own who you are, maybe some New experiences integrated into your core routine  is just what is needed to move you to that next level. You see our habits reveal a lot about what kind of a rut we may have put ourselves into. Small acts of change can over time make significant difference in the quality of one’s life and providing a value of character that is sustainable.

So, give a look through the list of activities in our Calendar section  and find some new favorite activity to engage in or find ideas that challenge you either way, you will come away more empower within yourself. Then make these a part of your regular rituals and routine of questioning and discerning you and your world, it will become an enlightening habit.

March 2019 Month Long Activities

·         Action & Skill Toys Month

·         Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month

·         Asset Management Awareness Month 

·         Brain Injury Awareness Month

·         Credit Education Month

·         Endometriosis Month

·         Girls' in Science & Engineering Awareness Month

·         International Expect Success Month


·         Int’l Home School Awareness Month

·         International Ideas Month

·         Int’l Listening Awareness Month

·         Int’l Mirth  & Humorists Month

·        Irish-American Heritage Month

·         Mad for Plaid Month

·         Hypertension Awareness Month

·         Music In Our Schools Month

·         National Athletic Training Month 

·         National Caffeine Awareness Month

·         National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Month

·         National Color Therapy Month

·         National Colorectal Cancer Month

·         National Craft Month


·         National Crochet Month

·         National Ethics Awareness Month

·         National Eye Wellness & Donor Month

·         National Frozen Food Month

·         National Multiple Sclerosis Education

·         National Kidney Month

·         National March Into Literacy Month

·         National Noodle Month

·         National Nutrition Month

·         National Peanut Month

·         National Social Work Month

·         National Umbrella Month

·         National Women's History Month

·         Optimism Month

·         Play The Recorder Month

·         Poison Prevention Month

·         Quinoa Month

·         Sing With Your Child Month

·         Small Press Month Link

·         Spiritual Wellness Month

·         Transgender Healthcare Equality Month

·         Youth Art Month

March 2019 Multi Day & Weeks Events

WE Days - Empowering a generation of change-makers

WE Days - Empowering a generation of change-makers

“We Day’s”:  Sept 20,2018 - May 8, 2019

Festival of Owls Week:  March 1-3

National Cheer leading Week: March 1-7

National Ghostwriters Week: March 1-7

National Pet Sitters Week: March 1-7

Nat’l Write An Appreciation Letter  Week: March 1-7

Universal Human Beings Week: March 1-7


Will Eisner Week: March 1-7

Cowboy Poetry Week: March 2-3

Celebrate Your Name Week: March 3-9

Endometriosis Week: March 3-9

Nat’l Consumer Protection Week:  March 3-9

Nat’l Dental Assistants Week: March 3-9 

Nat’l Procrastination Week:  March 3-9

Nat’l Words Matter Week:  March 3-9

Professional Pet Sitters Week: March 3-9

Read an E-Book Week:  March 3-9

Return Borrowed Books Week:  March 3-9

Save Your Vision Week: March 3-9

Shrovetide: March 3-5

Teen Tech Week: March 3-9

Telecommuter Appreciation Week: March 3-9

Will Eisner Week: March 3-9

Women in Construction Week: March 3-9 

National School Breakfast Week: March 4-8

Fasching German festival : March 4-5

Women of Aviation Week: March 4-10 

Lent: March 6-20

National Day of Unplugging: March 8&9

US Snow Shoe Days: March 8-10

Farm Hand.jpg

World Rattlesnake Roundup: March 8-10

American Council on Education: March 9-12

Girl Scout Week: March 10-16

Termite Awareness Week: March 10-16

National Agriculture Week: March 10-16

National Catholic Sisters Week: March 10-16

International Brain Awareness Week: 11-17

National Bubble Week:  March 11-17 

Orthodox Lent March: 11-April 19

National Deaf History:  Mar 13 - Apr 15

Data Innovation Days: Mar 14 & 15

Special Olympics 2019:   March 14-21

Sherlock Holmes Weekend: March 15-17 (also Oct 25-27 & Nov 1-3) 

American Chocolate Week: March 17-23

Health Information Professionals Week: March 17-23

National Button Week: March 17-23

Nat’l Inhalant & Poisons Awareness Week: March 17-23

World Folktales & Fables Week: March 17-23

Be Happy Week: March 18-24

Int’l Teach Music Week: March 18-24

National Fix A Leak Week: March 18-24

National Introverts Week: March 18-24

Nat’l Youth Violence Prevention Week: March 18-24

Shakespeare Week: March 18-24 

Wellderly Week: March 18-24

National Conversation Week:  March 19-25

National Cherry Blossom Festival: Mar 20-Apr 14 

Int’l Week of Racism & Discrimination Awareness: Mar 21-27

American Crossword Puzzle Days: March 22-24 

National Cleaning Week: March 24-30

National Protocol Officer's Week: March 24-30

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week: March 24-30

National Physicians Week: March 24-30

National Kite Month (3/28-5/3)    Mar 28 – May 03


National Money Show: March 28-30

Money Smart Week: March 30- April 06

Nano Days: March 30- April 07

International Dark Sky Week: March 31- April 07

March 2019 Fun, Special and Wacky Days

Mar 01    Fri   Asiatic Fleet Memorial Day

Mar 01    Fri   Dadgum That's Good Day

Mar 01    Fri   Dress in Blue Day

Mar 01    Fri   Employee Appreciation Day

Mar 01    Fri   Wear Yellow Day

Mar 01    Fri   Free Dentistry Day

Billie Holiday and Hazel Scott Jazz legends

Billie Holiday and Hazel Scott Jazz legends

Mar 01    Fri   Nat’l Black Women in Jazz & Arts Day

Mar 01    Fri   National Day of Unplugging

Mar 01    Fri   National Horse Protection Day

Mar 01    Fri   National Peanut Lovers Day

Mar 01    Fri   National Salesperson Day

Mar 01    Fri   Nat’l Speech and Debate Education Day 

Mar 01    Fri   Dr. Seuss's Read Across America Day

Mar 01    Fri   Peace Corps Day

Mar 01    Fri   Pig Day

Mar 01    Fri   Plan a Solo Vacation Day

Mar 01    Fri   Purim

Mar 01    Fri   Refired, Not Retired Day

Mar 01    Fri   Saint David's Day

Mar 01    Fri   World Compliment Day

Mar 01    Fri   Self-injury Awareness Day

Mar 01    Fri   Shabbat Across America/Canada

Mar 01    Fri   World Compliment Day

Mar 01    Fri   World Day of Prayer

Mar 01    Fri   Zero Discrimination Day

Mar 02    Sat  Dr. Seuss Birthday Day

Mar 02    Sat  Iditarod

Mar 02    Sat  National Frozen Food Day

Mar 02    Sat  Pasty Day

Mar 02    Sat  Sock Monkey Day

Mar 02    Sat  Soup It Forward Day

Mar 03    Sun Daughters' and Sons' Day

Mar 03    Sun Finisher's Medal Day

Mar 03    Sun I Want You To Be Happy Day

Mar 03    Sun International Ear Care Day

Mar 03    Sun Namesake Day

Mar 03    Sun National Anthem Day


Mar 03    Sun National Mulled Wine Day

Mar 03    Sun Princess Day

Mar 03    Sun Simplify Your Life Day

Mar 03    Sun World Birth Defects Day

Mar 03    Sun World Wildlife Day

Mar 04    Mon   Benjamin Harrison Day

Mar 04    Mon   Casimir Pulaski Day

Mar 04    Mon   Courageous Follower Day

Mar 04    Mon   Fun Facts About Names Day

Mar 04    Mon   Holy Experiment Day

Mar 04    Mon   Hug A G.I. Day

Mar 04    Mon   Int’l Scrapbooking Industry Day

Mar 04    Mon   March Forth-Do Something Day

Mar 04    Mon   Marching Music Day

Mar 04    Mon   Nat’l Backcountry Ski Day

Mar 04    Mon   National Grammar Day

Mar 04    Mon   Old Inauguration Day

Mar 04    Mon   Shrove Monday

Mar 04    Mon   Toy Soldier Day

Mar 05    Tue   International Pancake Day

Mar 05    Tue   Mardi Gras

Mar 05    Tue   *National Absinthe Day

Mar 05    Tue   *National Poutine Day

Pancake race.jpg

Mar 05    Tue   Pancake Day Race (held both in Britain and US)) 

Pancake-Race 2.jpg

pancake race 3.jpg

Mar 05    Tue   Paczki Day

Mar 05    Tue   Saint Piran's Day

Mar 05    Tue   Unique Names Day

Mar 05    Tue   World Tennis Day

Mar 06    Wed   Ash Wednesday

Mar 06    Wed   Day of The Dude

Mar 06    Wed   Discover What Your Name Means Day

Mar 6      Wed National Dentist’s Day

Mar 06    Wed   National Dress Day

Mar 06    Wed   Oreo Cookie Day

Mar 06    Wed   Peace Corps Day

Mar 06    Wed   Math Day

Mar 07    Thu Alexander Graham Bell Day

Mar 07    Thu   Nametag Day

Mar 07    Thu   National Be Heard Day

Mar 07    Thu   National Cereal Day

Mar 07    Thu   World Book Day

Mar 08    Fri   Day for International Peace

Mar 08    Fri   International Women's Day

Mar 08    Fri   Middle Name Pride Day

Mar 08    Fri   National Proofreading Day

Mar 08    Fri   National Peanut Cluster Day

Mar 08    Fri   National Retro Video Game Day

Mar 08    Fri   Tartar Sauce Day

Mar 08    Fri   The Crab cakes Day 

Mar 09    Sat  National Barbie Day

DNA Sequence.jpg

Mar 09    Sat  Genealogy Day

Mar 09    Sat  Get Over It Day

Mar 09    Sat  Int’l Fanny Pack Day

Mar 09    Sat  National Urban Ballroom Dancing Day

Mar 09    Sat  Panic Day


Mar 10    Sun Check Your Batteries Day

Sun and Moon through the Trees.jpg

Mar 10    Sun Daylight Savings Time Begins

Mar 10    Sun Girl Scout Sunday

Mar 10    Sun International Bagpipe Day

Mar 10    Sun International Day of Awesomeness

Mar 10    Sun Land Line Telephone Day

Mar 10    Sun Mario Day

Mar 10    Sun Salvation Army Day

Mar 10    Sun US Paper Money Day

Mar 10    Sun Female HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Mar 11    Mon Dream 2019 Day

Mar 11    Mon   Johnny Appleseed Day

Mar 11    Mon   Napping Day   

Mar 11    Mon   National Prom asking Day

Mar 11    Mon World Plumbing Day

Mar 11    Mon   Fill Our Staplers Day

Mar 12    Tue Girl Scout Birthday Day

Mar 12    Tue IHOP National Pancake Day

Mar 12    Tue Alfred Hitchcock Day

Home Office

Home Office

Mar 12    Tue Organize Your Home Office Day

Mar 13    Wed Donald Duck Day (also June 9)

Mar 13    Wed Earmuffs Day

Mar 13    Wed Good Samaritan Involvement Day

Mar 13    Wed K-9 Veterans Day

Mar 13    Wed Ken Doll Day

Mar 13    Wed  National Jewel Day

Mar 13    Wed National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day

Mar 13    Wed Registered Dietitian Day

Mar 13    Wed   Smart & Sexy Day

Mar 14    Thu   International Ask A Question Day

Mar 14    Thu   Int’l Day of Action for Rivers

Mar 14    Thu   Potato Chip Day

Pi Day.jpg

Mar 14    Thu   Pi Day (as in the math pie = 3.14159265 etc.)

Mar 14    Thu   Save a Spider Day

Mar 14    Thu   Write Your Story Day

Mar 14    Thu   World Kidney Day

Mar 15    Fri   Brutus Day

Mar 15    Fri   Buzzards Day

Mar 15    Fri   Ides of March

Mar 15    Fri   Int’l Day of Action Against Canadian Seal Slaughter

Mar 15    Fri   Nat’l Day Action Against Bullying & Violence

Mar 15    Fri   National Shoe The World Day

Mar 15    Fri   Everything You Think is Wrong Day

Mar 15    Fri   True Confessions Day

Mar 15    Fri   World Consumer Rights Day

Mar 15    Fri   World Sleep Day

Mar 15    Fri   Black Press Day

Mar 16    Sat  Campfire Girls Day

Mar 16    Sat  Corn Dog Day

Mar 16    Sat  Curlew Day

Mar 16    Sat  Everything You Do is Right Day

Mar 16    Sat  Freedom of Information Day

Mar 16    Sat  Goddard Day

Mar 16    Sat  International Sports Car Racing Day

Mar 16    Sat  Lips Appreciation Day

Mar 16    Sat  No Selfies Day

Mar 16    Sat  Panda Day

Mar 16    Sat  Play The Recorder Day

Mar 16    Sat  Save The Panther Day

Mar 16    Sat  St. Urho's Day

Mar 16    Sat  Worldwide Quilting Day

Mar 17    Sun Campfire Day

Mar 17    Sun St. Patrick's Day

Mar 17    Sun Submarine Day

Mar 18    Mon Awkward Moments Day

Mar 18    Mon Forgive Mom and Dad Day

Mar 18    Mon National Biodiesel Day

Mar 18    Mon National Public Defense Day

Mar 18    Mon Transit Driver Appreciation Day

Mar 18    Mon Well-Elderly or Wellderly Day

Mar 19    Tue Client's Day

Fertility Goddesses.jpg

Mar 19    Tue Goddess of Fertility Day

Mar 19    Tue National Agriculture Day

Mar 19    Tue National Certified Nurses Day

Mar 19    Tue National Chocolate Caramel Day

Mar 19    Tue National Poultry Day

Mar 19    Tue Operation Iraqi Freedom Day

Mar 19    Tue Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day

Mar 19    Tue Let's Laugh Day

Mar 20    Wed Alien Abduction Day

Mar 20    Wed Bed-in For Peace Day

Mar 20    Wed Great American Meat Out Day

Mar 20    Wed International Astrology Day

Mar 20    Wed International Day of Happiness

Mar 20    Wed Free Cone Day (Dairy Queen)

Mar 20    Wed French Language Day

Mar 20    Wed Kick Butts Day

Mar 20    Wed Kiss Your Fiancée Day

Mar 20    Wed National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Mar 20    Wed Ostara Day

Mar 20    Wed Proposal Day

Mar 20    Wed Rita's Free Italian Ice Day

Mar 20    Wed Snowman Burning Day

Mar 20    Wed Spring (Vernal Equinox)  5:58 pm EDT

Mar 20    Wed Ta'Anit Esther

Mar 20    Wed World Storytelling Day

Mar 20    Wed Won't You Be My Neighbor Day

Mar 20    Wed World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People

Mar 20    Wed World Sparrow Day

Mar 21    Thu Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Mar 21    Thu Afghanistan Day

Mar 21    Thu Common Courtesy Day

Mar 21    Thu Gallo Wine Day

Mar 21    Thu International Colour Day

Mar 21    Thu International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Mar 21    Thu International Day of Forests and Tree

Mar 21    Thu International Day of Nowruz

Mar 21    Thu Memory Day

Mar 21    Thu National Farm Rescuer Day

Mar 21    Thu National Healthy Fats Day

Mar 21    Thu National Renewable Energy Day

Mar 21    Thu Naw-Ruz

Mar 21    Thu Noruz

Mar 21    Thu Poetry Day

Mar 21    Thu Twitter Day

Mar 21    Thu National Single Parent Day

Mar 21    Thu World Down Syndrome Day

Mar 21    Thu World Poetry Day

Mar 21    Thu World Puppetry Day

Mar 22    Fri   As Young As You Feel Day

Mar 22    Fri   Int’l Day of The Seal

Greel prep for games.jpg

Mar 22    Fri   International Goof Off Day

Mar 22    Fri   Tuskegee Airmen Day

Mar 22    Fri   World Water Day

Mar 22    Fri   World Day of Metta

Mar 23    Sat Be Mad Day

Mar 23    Sat  Endometriosis March Day

Mar 23    Sat  National Puppy Day

Mar 23    Sat  National Chia Day

Mar 23    Sat  National Tamale

Mar 23    Sat  Near Miss Day

Mar 23    Sat OK Day

Mar 23    Sat World Meteorological Day

Mar 24    Sun Awareness Human Rights Violations and Dignity of Victims

Mar 24    Sun International Day for the Right to the Truth

Mar 24    Sun National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

Mar 24    Sun World Tuberculosis Day

The Weight of Grief by Celeste Roberge

The Weight of Grief by Celeste Roberge

Mar 25    Mon Int’l Day of Remembrance of The Victims of Slavery and The Transatlantic

Mar 25    Mon International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members

Mar 25    Mon National Day of Celebration of Greek & American Democracy

Mar 25    Mon National Medal of Honor Day

Mar 25    Mon Old New Year's Day

Mar 25    Mon Pecan Day

Mar 25    Mon Tolkien Reading Day

Mar 25    Mon Vaffeldagen (Waffle Day

Mar 26    Tue American Diabetes Association Alert Day

Mar 26    Tue Legal Assistants Day

Mar 26    Tue Live Long And Prosper Day

Mar 26    Tue Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Mar 26    Tue Purple Day

Mar 26    Tue Spinach Day

Mar 27    Wed Celebrate Exchange Day

Mar 27    Wed Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day

Mar 27    Wed Spanish Paella Day

Mar 27    Wed Viagra Day

Mar 27    Wed Whole Grain Sampling Day

 Mar 27    Wed  World Theatre Day

Mar 28    Thu Barnum & Bailey Day

Mar 28    Thu Little Red Wagon Day

Mar 28    Thu Something on a Stick Day

Mar 28    Thu Virtual Advocacy Day

Mar 28    Thu Weed Appreciation Day

Mar 28    Thu Manatee Appreciation Day

Mar 29    Fri   Knights of Columbus Founders Day

Mar 29    Fri   National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day

Mar 29    Fri   National Vietnam War Veterans Day

Mar 29    Fri   Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day

Mar 29    Fri   Smoke and Mirrors Day

Mar 30    Sat  Doctors Day

Mar 30    Sat  Earth Hour Day

Mar 30    Sat  Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day

Mar 30    Sat  I Am In Control Day

Mar 30    Sat  International Folding Laundry Day

Mar 30    Sat  National Pencil Day

Ken Holden’s photo of Jason Bearnguard in the park

Ken Holden’s photo of Jason Bearnguard in the park

Mar 30    Sat  Take a Walk in the Park Day

Mar 30    Sat  Torrents Day

Mar 30    Sat  Virtual Vacation Day

Mar 30    Sat  World Bi-polar Day

Mar 31    Sun Anesthesia Tech Day

Mar 31    Sun Bunsen Burner Day

Mar 31    Sun Cesar Chavez Day

Mar 31    Sun Int’l Hug A Medielvalist Day

Model Morgan Naomie Clarke before and after

Model Morgan Naomie Clarke before and after

Buck Angel before and after

Buck Angel before and after

Mar 31    Sun Int’l Transgender Day of Visibility

Mar 31    Sun Mothering Sunday

Mar 31    Sun National Crayon Day

Mar 31    Sun National Prom Day

Mar 31    Sun National "She's Funny That Way" Day

Mar 31    Sun Terri's Day

Mar 31    Sun World Backup Day

Site of Contacts 3rd Anniversary

Site of Contacts 3rd Anniversary

by Calvin Harris



It makes me a proud owner and director of , to announce that we have moved to our third year of publishing on the 7th of February 2019.  I take this occasion to thank each of you, our dedicated readers for being the central part of SOC’s continued existence.

SOC has gone through countless fly effort steps to even reach this achievement and owes its accomplishments to the wonderful support people, which proved exceptional feedback, contributions, and at times content for our newsletter.  

Without the enthusiasm  and support of our excellent team it would never have gotten off the drawing board. Everyone alike, be it reader, clients  or contributor, played a very important role in the development and direction of our monthly blogs. Our clients and readers who took the time to read blog page after page and to help then provide constructive criticism about our services and products. Their feedback and challenges have pushed us to go ahead and improve vigorously.

Not only have the readers made us a part of their lives but also helped us reach out to the world. They spread the word faster and in a better way than any of our promotional means could. SOC shall remain grateful to you all.


We plan to keep improving our content and having our relationships  grow with you our readers and our client services base.  With your continued support, we wish to explore new directions in the coming year.

creative writing.jpg


As my personal note, I want to say, It is always a privilege to write for you, and share opinions  and questions,  not because I am expert, I do have some answers, as a guy who has gone through some life experiences and then needed to redefine or recognize success beyond  its conventional or limited ways of  being seen. I’ve given voice to some difficult questions, gone through trials and errors, some with humor and a wink and a nod, so, to those of you who seem to resonate and who have found merit with what has been presented,  I'm excited to continue to share and help draw out of you, lessons that allow people  to engage and realize potential and to see yourselves and  the world anew.

A toast.jpg

A Toast to Us.

Urge For Adventure February 2019

Site of Contact’s anniversary

Site of Contact’s anniversary

Hey Guys,

Our February’s celebration message is to move you along to greater fun and accomplishment in your Life. Goals are all about Consciously Doing, a conscious focus on - frequency, consistency and intensity, are the triangle elements of successful goal.

But first, flesh out your goal set of 2019. I know for many of you that would mean simply to become a better person — be it healthier, stronger, maybe more creative, or developing and obtaining more skills, then again it could be as simple as being a better friend or family member.

Make sure that the goal and habits you are trying to build are actually important to you. Then give yourself credit for the incremental success that you have made. The 2,717 ft tall building Burj Khalifa in Dubai, considered the tallest building in the world in 2008 was not built in a day. It was done incrementally, and you, and your success in reaching your goal will be incremental also. Journal writing is a way to show you your incremental successes as you write daily.

It's your life, so if you feel you don’t have anything to write, I ask you, how are you spending your time? Is it on things that will stretch you? That is, is the activity capable of extending you to a fuller length of your capacities or widening you in order to reach your goal?

The common mistake you want to avoid can be summed up by the statement from author and former dot com business executive, Seth Godin when he said

“Your audacious life goals are fabulous. We’re proud of you for having them. But it’s possible that those goals are designed to distract you from the thing that’s really frightening you—the shift in daily habits that would mean a re-invention of how you see yourself.”

So, who do you tell people you are? Is that in line with what is really important to you? Journaling can help you see the daily pattern. Once you have gotten In-Touch with what is your core. Then you can get out there and discover activities, habits, and techniques for transforming your life, the shift in daily habits that would mean a re–invention of how you see yourself in line with your goals.

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” Thomas Huxley suggest. Huxley also admonishes “The rung of a ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold a man's foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher.”

Site of Contact’s -February’s Calendar of events, could be a place to begin. designed with suggestions to ease some fun into your workday or add a needed break to your regiment, so when you return to it, it is with more vigor and enthusiasm. February is a month with so much to offer, like the 1st, a day Feb was a stripe down day, celebrate nakedness, for it was the Work Naked Day! There is still the full week of Dance, Flirting, and or celebrating Carnival and Mardi Gras, then there’s the Special days to celebrate like “Single’s day, or Valentine Day, being with you honey or not.

February activates days for friends and family, like Super Bowl Sunday, or Oscar Night! And who does not like all the food choices that happens when friends and family get together. February’s is a month that highlight new taste to try, smells of aromatherapy, sights and sounds, so let your little grey cells help you rethink your social evolution on Darwin Day, with the Blue and Red Moon, Groundhogs and solar with the Eagles. February a month to make time to celebrated your life. Look below for other


Heart Graphic by Brento Bitenocourt

Heart Graphic by Brento Bitenocourt

American Heart Month

An Affair to Remember Month

Black History Month

Canned Food Month

Creative Romance Month

Great American Pie Month

National Bird Feeding Month

National Cherry Month

National Children’s Dental Health Month

National Grapefruit Month

National Weddings Month



Man of Color

Man of Color

Carnival Season: Jan 06-March 05

African Heritage and Health Week, February 1-7

Burn Awareness Week, February 3-9

Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week, February 3-9

Dump Your Significant Jerk Week, February 3-9

Celebration of Love Week, February 10-16

Children of Alcoholics Week, February 10-16

Jell-O Week, February 10-16

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week, February 10-16

National Secondhand Wardrobe Week, February 10-16

Random Acts of Kindness Week, February 10-16

International Flirting Week, February 10-16

Brotherhood / Sisterhood Week, February 17-23

Build A Better Trade Show Image Week, February 17-23

National Engineers Week, February 17-23

National FFA Week, February 16-23

Telecommuter Appreciation Week, February 24-March 2


Feb 1        Fri   Bubble Gum Day

Feb 1        Fri   National Freedom Day

Feb 1        Fri   No Politics Day

Feb 1        Fri   Work Naked Day

Feb 2        Sat   Candlemas Feast of Purification

Feb 2        Sat   Day of the Crêpe

Feb 2        Sat   Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Feb 2        Sat   Ground Hog Day

Feb 2        Sat   Play Your Ukulele Day

Feb 2        Sat   World Wetlands Day

Feb 3        Sun  Carrot Cake Day

Feb 3        Sun  Feed the Birds Day

Michael Stokes Photography.jpg

Feb 3        Sun  Superbowl 53 Sunday

Feb 4        Mon Create a Vacuum Day

Feb 4        Mon Stuffed Mushroom Day

Feb 4        Mon Thank Your Mailman Day

Feb 4        Mon World Cancer Day

the Pig.png

Feb 5        Tue  Chinese New Year’s -Year Of The Pig

Feb 5        Tue  Chocolate Fondue Day

Feb 5        Tue  National Weatherperson's Day

Feb 5        Tue  Safer Internet Day

Feb 6        Wed Lame Duck Day

Feb 6        Wed National Chopsticks Day

Feb 7        Thu  E-Day

Feb 7        Thu  Send a Card to a Friend Day

Feb 8        Fri   Boy Scout Day

Feb 8        Fri   Kite Flying Day

Feb 8        Fri   Laugh and Get Rich Day

Feb 9        Sat   Toothache Day

Feb 9        Sat   Bagel and Lox Day

Feb 9        Sat   National Pizza Day

Grammy Award

Grammy Award


Feb 10      Sun  61st  Annual Grammy Awards

Feb 10      Sun  Umbrella Day

Feb 11      Mon Clean Out Your Computer Day

Feb 11      Mon Make a Friend Day

Feb 11      Mon Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

Feb 11      Mon Make a Friend Day

Feb 11      Mon National Inventors Day

Feb 11      Mon White T-Shirt Day

Feb 12      Tue  Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

Feb 12      Tue  Darwin Day

Feb 12      Tue  National Lost Penny Day

Feb 12      Tue  Plum Pudding Day

Feb 13 Wed Get a Different Name Day

Feb 13 Wed World Radio Day

Feb 14 Thu Ferris Wheel Day

Feb 14 Thu Library Lovers Day

Scientific Mating.jpg

Feb 14 Thu 14 National Organ Donor Day

Feb 14 Thu 14 Valentine's Day

Feb 15 Fri Gumdrop Day

Singles Day

Singles Day

Feb 15 Fri Singles Awareness Day

Feb 15 Fri Susan B. Anthony's Birthday

Feb 16 Sat Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

Feb 16 Sat Do a Grouch a Favor Day

Feb 17 Sun Random Act of Kindness Day


Feb 18 Mon Battery Day

Feb 18 Mon National Drink Wine Day

Feb 18 Mon Presidents' Day

Feb 19 Tue Chocolate Mint Day

Cheryy Pie.jpg

Feb 20 Wed Cherry Pie Day

Feb 20 Wed Hoodie Hoo Day

Feb 20 Wed Love Your Pet Day

Feb 20 Wed World Day of Social Justice

Feb 21      Thu  Card Reading Day

Feb 21      Thu  International Mother Language Day

Feb 22      Fri   Be Humble Day

Feb 22      Fri   George Washington's Birthday

Feb 22      Fri   International World Thinking Day

Feb 22      Fri   National Margarita Day

Feb 22      Fri   Single Tasking Day

Feb 22      Fri   Walking the Dog Day

Feb 23      Sat   International Dog Biscuit Day

Feb 23      Sat   Open That Bottle Night

Feb 23      Sat   Tennis Day

Feb 23      Sat   World Sword Swallower’s Day

The Oscars.jpg

Feb 24      Sun  91ST Oscar Night     

Feb 24      Sun  Tortilla Chip Day

Feb 25      Mon Pistol Patent Day

Feb 26      Tue  Carnival Day

Feb 26      Tue  National Pistachio Day

Feb 26      Tue  Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Feb 26      Tue  Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Feb 27      Wed No Brainer Day

Feb 27      Wed Polar Bear Day

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Feb 28      Thu  Floral Design Day

Feb 28      Thu  National Tooth Fairy Day

Urge For Adventure January 2019

Looking towards the Future Mike Harris & Chris Asher

Looking towards the Future Mike Harris & Chris Asher

January 2019 Fun, Interesting & Offbeat  Celebrations

2019 the year.jpg

January 2019 Monthly Events


Adopt A Rescued Bird Month

Bath Safety Month

Be Kind to Food Servers  Month

Birth Defects Month

Black Diamond Month

Book Blitz Month

California Dried Plum Digestive Month

Celebration of Life Month

Cervical Health Awareness Month

Children Impacted By Parent's Cancer Month

Clap 4 Health Month

Financial Wellness Month

Get A Balanced Life Month

Get Organized Month

International Brain Teaser Month

Int'l. Change Your Stars Month Link

Int'l. Child-Centered Divorce Month

International Creativity Month

Int'l. New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses Month

International Quality of Life Month

International Wayfinding Month

International Wealth Mentality Month

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month

Menudo Month 

National Be On-Purpose Month

Nat’l National Braille Literacy Month

Nat’l National Clean Up Your Computer Month

Nat’l National Codependency Awareness Month

National Glaucoma Awareness Month

National Hot Tea Month

Nat’l National Mail Order Gardening Month


National Mentoring Month

Nat’l National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month

Nat’l National Personal Trainer Awareness Month

National Polka Music Month

Nat’l National Poverty in America Awareness Month

National Radon Action Month

National Skating Month

National Soup Month

Nat’l Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month

National Stalking Awareness Month

National Sunday Supper Month

Nat’l Volunteer Blood Donor Month

Oatmeal Month

Self-help Group Awareness Month

Self-Love Month

Shape Up US Month

Teen Driving Awareness Month

Train Your Dog Month

Thyroid Awareness Month

Walk Your Pet Month

Worldwide Rising Star Month

January 2019 Multi-Day & Weekly Events

Carnival Season: Jan 06-March 05

Diet Resolution Week: Jan 01-07

New Year's Resolutions Week: Jan 01- 08 

Silent Record Week

Silent Record Week

Silent Record Week: Jan 01-07

Someday We'll Laugh About This Week: Jan 02- 08

Home Office Safety and Security Week: Jan 06-12

Nat’l Folic Acid Awareness Week: Jan 06-12

Dating & Life Coaches Recognition Week: Jan 06-12

National Lose Weight/Feel Great Week: Jan 06-12

Elvis' Birthday Celebration Week: Jan 07- 09

Int'l Consumer Electronics Show: Jan 08 -11

No Tillage Week: Jan 08 -11

National Soccer Coaches of America Week: Jan 09 -13

National Mocktail Week: Jan 13-19

Hot Heads Chili Days: Jan 17-18

Nat’l Fresh Squeezed Juice Week: Jan 17-23

Week of Christian Unity: Jan 18-25

Bald Eagle Appreciation : Jan 19-20

Int'l  Snowmobile Safety & Awareness Week: Jan 19-27

Clean up your inbox.jpg

Clean Out Your Inbox Week: Jan 20-26

Healthy Weight Week: Jan 20-26

Hunt For Happiness Week: Jan 20-26

Projecting Professionalism

Projecting Professionalism

Nat’l Activity Professionals Week: Jan 20-26 

Nat’l Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Week: Jan 20-26

National Handwriting Analysis Week: Jan 20-26

National School Choice Week: Jan 20-26

Sugar Awareness Week: Jan 20-26

No Name Calling Week: Jan 21-25

International Hoof-Care Week: Jan 22-25 

Sundance Film Festival: Jan 24- Feb 03

Meat Week: Jan 27- Feb 03

National Medical Group Practice Week: Jan 28- Feb 03

Tax  Theft Awareness Week: Jan 28- Feb 03

US Nat’l Snow Sculpting Days: Jan 28-Feb 03

January 2019 Daily Events

Jan 01 Tue      Bad Hangover Day

Jan 01 Tue       Copyright Law Day

Jan 01 Tue       Commitment Day

Global Family

Global Family

Jan 01 Tue       Ellis Island Day

Jan 01 Tue       Euro Day

Jan 01 Tue       Fruit Cake Toss Day

Jan 01 Tue       First Foot Day

Jan 01 Tue       Global Family Day

Jan 01 Tue       Mummer's Parade

Jan 01 Tue       New Year’s Day

Jan 01 Tue       New Year's Dishonor List Day

Jan 01 Tue       Polar Bear Plunge or Swim

Jan 01 Tue       Public Domain Day

Jan 01 Tue       Rose Bowl Game

Jan 01 Tue       Tournament of Roses Parade Day

Jan 01 Tue       World Day of Peace

Jan 01 Tue      Persons Surnames Z Day


Jan 02 Wed      Cats Day

Jan 02 Wed      National Buffet Day

Jan 02 Wed      National Motivation and Inspiration Day

Jan 02 Wed      National Personal Trainer Awareness

Jan 02 Wed      National Science Fiction Day

Jan 02 Wed     Pet Travel and Safety Day


Jan 03 Thu       Drinking Straw Day

Jan 03 Thu       Earth at Perihelion

Jan 03 Thu       J.R.R. Tolkien Day

Jan 03 Thu       Memento Mori "Remember You Die" Day

Jan 03 Thu       National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

Jan 03 Thu       Festival of Sound Sleep Day

Jan 04 Fri         Dimpled Chad Day

Jan 04 Fri         I Am A Mentor Day

Jan 04 Fri         Pop Music Chart Day

Jan 04 Fri         Tom Thumb Day

Jan 04 Fri         Trivia Day

Jan 04 Fri         World Braille Day

Jan 04 Fri         World Hypnotism Day

 Jan 05 Sat        Bird Day

Jan 05 Sat        National Keto Day

Jan 05 Sat        Nat’l Screenwriters Day

Jan 05 Sat        Monopoly Game Day

Jan 05 Sat        Twelfth Day


Jan 06 Sun       Cuddle Up Day

Jan 06 Sun       Armenian Christmas

Jan 06 Sun       Epiphany


Jan 06 Sun       National Technology Day

Jan 06 Sun       No Pants Subway Ride Day

Jan 06 Sun       Three Kings Day


Jan 07 Mon      Asarah B'Tevet

Jan 07 Mon      Blue Monday

Jan 07 Mon      Divorce Monday

Jan 07 Mon      Golden Globes

Jan 07 Mon      Handsel Day

Jan 07 Mon      Harlem Globetrotter's Day

Jan 07 Mon      I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day

Jan 07 Mon      International Programmers' Day

Jan 07 Mon      Orthodox Christmas

Jan 07 Mon      National Bobble-head Day

Jan 07 Mon      National Tempura Day

Jan 07 Mon      National Weigh-In Day

Jan 07 Mon      Plough Monday

Jan 07 MonThank God It's Monday

Jan 08 Tue       Bubble Bath Day

Jan 08 Tue        Man Watcher's Day

Jan 08 Tue       Argyle Day

Jan 08 Tue       Earth's Rotation Day

Jan 08 Tue       National English Toffee Day

Jan 08 Tue       National Poetry at Work Day

National Shop for Travel Day

National Shop for Travel Day

Jan 08 Tue       National Shop For Travel Day

Jan 08 Tue       Midwife's Day or Women's Day

Jan 08 Tue       National Joy Germ Day

Jan 08 Tue       National Winter Skin Relief Day

Jan 08 Tue       Show and Tell Day at Work

Jan 08 Tue       War on Poverty Day


Jan 09 Wed       Balloon Ascension Day

Jan 09 Wed       Dance Day

Jan 09 Wed       Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Jan 09 Wed       National Cassoulet Day:

Jan 09 Wed       National Static Electricity Day

Jan 09 Wed       Panama's Martyr Day

Jan 10 Thu League of Nations Day

Jan 10 Thu       Honor Peculiar People Day

Jan 10 Thu       Nat’l Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Jan 10 Thu       National Oysters Rockefeller Day


Jan 11 Fri         Cigarettes Hazard Awareness Day

Jan 11 Fri         Morse Code Day

Jan 11 Fri         Nat’l Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Jan 11 Fri         National Milk Day

Jan 11 Fri         Secret Pal Day

Ginger haired face.jpg


Jan 12 Sat        Eagle Day

Jan 12 Sat        Feast Your Eyes on Fabulous Wild Men Day

Jan 12 Sat        National Hot Tea Day

Jan 12 Sat        National Vision Board Day

Jan 12 Sat        Kiss A Ginger Day (Red Heads)

Kiss fmale Ginger.jpg


Jan 13 Sun       Rubber Duckie Day

Jan 13 Sun       Bodhi Day (Rohatsu)

Jan 13 Sun       Korean American Day

Jan 13 Sun       Make Your Dream Come True Day

Working Your Plan

Working Your Plan

Jan 13 Sun       National Sticker Day

Jan 13 Sun       National Sunday Supper Day

Jan 13 Sun       Public Radio Broadcasting Day


 Jan 14 Mon      Caesarean Section Day

Jan 14 Mon      Dress Up Your Pet Day

Jan 14 Mon      International Kite Day

Jan 14 Mon      National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Jan 14 Mon      Organize Your Home Day

Jan 14 Mon      Ratification Day


Jan 15 Tue       Alpha Kappa Alpha Day

Jan 15 Tue       Humanitarian Day

Jan 15 Tue       Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday

Jan 15 Tue       National Bagel Day

Jan 16 Wed      Appreciate A Dragon Day

Jan 16 Wed      Civil Service Day

Jan 16 Wed      Doing absolutely Nothing Day

Jan 16 Wed      Fig Newton Day

Jan 16 Wed      National Quinoa Day

Jan 16 Wed      Religious Freedom Day

Jan 16 Wed      Without A Scalpel Day


Jan 17 Thu        Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day

Jan 17 Thu        Cable Car Day

Jan 17 Thu        Get to Know Your Customers Day

Mentoring Day

Mentoring Day

Jan 1 7 Thu        International Mentoring Day

Jan 17 Thu        Muhammad Ali's birthday

Jan 17 Thu        Judgment Day

Jan 17 Thu        Kid Inventors' Day

Jan 17 Thu        National Bootleggers Day

Jan 17 Thu        Popeye Day


Jan 18 Fri          Bean Day

Jan 18 Fri          International Fetish Day

Jan 18 Fri          Thesaurus Day

Jan 18 Fri          Winnie the Pooh Day


Jan 19 Sat        Brew A Potion Day

Jan 19 Sat        Popcorn Day

Jan 19 Sat        Tin Can Day

Jan 19 Sat        Whisper, 'I Love You' Day

Jan 19 Sat        World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Jan 19 Sat        World Quark Day

Jan 20 Sun       Camcorder Day

Celebration of Life Day

Celebration of Life Day

Jan 20 Sun       Celebration of Life Day

Jan 20 Sun       Inauguration Day

Jan 20 Sun       National Cheese Lovers Day

Jan 20 Sun       National Disc Jockey Day

Jan 20 Sun       National Pro-Life Day

Jan 20 Sun       Penguin Awareness Day

Jan 20 Sun       Stephen Foster Day

Jan 20 Sun       World Religion Day

Jan 20 Sun       World Snow Day


Jan 21 Mon     Tu B'Shvat (Sundown)

Jan 21 Mon      Martin Luther King Day

Jan 21 Mon      National Crowd Feed Day

Jan 21 Mon      National Day of Service

Jan 21 Mon      National Hugging Day

Jan 21 Mon      Rid World Fad Diets & Gimmicks Day


Jan 22 Tue       Celebration of life day

Jan 22 Tue       Come in from the  cold day

Jan 22 Tue       Roe vs. Wade Day

Jan 23 Wed      National Handwriting Day

Jan 23 Wed      Measure Your Feet Day

Jan 23 Wed      National Pie Day

Jan 23 Wed      Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day


Jan 24 Thu       Beer Can Day

Jan 24 Thu       Belly Laugh Day

Jan 24 Thu       Int’l Mobile Phone Recycling Day

Jan 24 Thu       National Compliment Day

Jan 24 Thu       National Peanut Butter Day

Jan 24 Thu       Talk Like A Grizzled Prospector Day


 Jan 25 Fri        A Room of One's Own Day

Jan 25 Fri         Fun at Work Day

Jan 25 Fri         Macintosh Computer 30th Anniversary Day

Jan 25 Fri        National Big Wig Day

Jan 25 Fri         National Irish Coffee Day

Jan 25 Fri         National Pre-school Fitness Day

Jan 25 Fri         Opposite Day

Jan 25 Fri         Robert Burns Day

Jan 25 Fri         Thank Your Mentor Day

Jan 25 Fri         Women's Healthy Weight Day

Jan 25 Fri         Fancy Rat & Mouse Day

Jan 25 Fri         Dental Drill Appreciation Day

Jan 25 Fri         Fruitcake Toss Day

Jan 25 Fri         Lotus 1-2-3 Day

Jan 25 Fri         National Peanut Brittle Day

National Seed Swap Day

National Seed Swap Day

Jan 25 Fri         National Seed Swap Day

Jan 25 Fri         Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement

Jan 25 Fri         Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day


Jan 26 Sat        International Customs Day


Jan 27 Sun       Auschwitz Liberation Day

Jan 27 Sun        Chocolate Cake Day

Jan 27 Sun       Compliment Day

Jan 27 Sun       Intl Commemoration Holocaust Day

Jan 27 Sun       National Bible Sunday

Jan 27 Sun       National Geographic Day

Jan 27 Sun       Punch the clock day

Jan 27 Sun        Squirrel Appreciation Day

Jan 27 Sun       Thomas Crapper Day

Jan 27 Sun       Viet Nam Peace Day

Jan 27 Sun       World Leprosy Day 

Jan 28 Mon      Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Jan 28 Mon      Data Privacy Day

Jan 28 Mon      Daisy Day

Jan 28 Mon      Grammy Awards

Jan 28 Mon      Gone-ta-pott Day

Jan 28 Mon      National Kazoo Day

Jan 28 Mon      National Pediatrician Day

Jan 28 Mon      Rubber Duckie Day

Jan 28 Mon      Thank A Plugin Developer Day


Jan 29 Tue       Curmudgeons Day

Jan 29 Tue       Freethinkers Day

Jan 29 Tue       Library Shelfie Day

Jan 29 Tue       National Plan For A Vacation Day

Jan 29 Tue       National Puzzle Day

Jan 29 Tue       Seeing Eye Dog Day

Jan 29 Tue       Thomas Paine Day

A variety of croissants.jpg

Jan 30 Wed      Croissant Day

Jan 30 Wed      Escape Day

Jan 30 Wed      Inane Answering Message Day


Street Kids Awarness.jpg

Jan 31 Thu       Inspire with Art  Day

Jan 31 Thu       Backward Day

Jan 31 Thu       Hell is Freezing over Day

Jan 31 Thu       Appreciate Social Security Day

Jan 31 Thu       Street Children Day