Urge For Adventure October 2018

Ceremonial Shape Shifters

Ceremonial Shape Shifters

Hi there,

We are officially in Fall now. That does mean a Fall re-mix, which is not a winding down of activities: so much as a move towards inward contemplation. You still have opportunity to be outside the casa, even as Fall shortens days and cools nights.

Do Not miss out on participating in some great Fall Events. Below is a list of some of the fun, wacky, or offbeat, holiday themes for the month of October. Paying attention to these ‘theme’ days, is a simple way to bring fun and interest into your daily routine. Some folks create habits, rituals and traditions to help strengthen their cultural lifestyle. If Nothing Else, it will give You some great Conversation Starters.

After Perusing the October Calendar. Check out Current or Past Blogs posts by navigating the tabs at the top of each page - these posts are designed to challenge assumptions and lighten up your mood if not your perspective.

This October ponder Jim Storm’s words: “October is about leaves revealing colors they have hidden all year. People have an October as well.”


Reading can damage your ignorance.jpg

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

American Pharmacist Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Clergy Appreciation Month

Computer Learning Month

Cookie Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Eat Country Ham Month

National Book Month

National Diabetes Month

National Pizza Month

National Vegetarian Month

National Popcorn Popping Month

Sarcastic Month

Seafood Month


Earth= Atmos, Bios, Geo, Hydro - Spheres

Earth= Atmos, Bios, Geo, Hydro - Spheres

Week 1 Get Organized Week

Week 1 Customer Service Week

Week 2 Fire Prevention Week

Week 2 Pet Peeve Week

14 - 20 Earth Sciences Week

Week 3 Pastoral Care Week

Oct 31- 01 Nov - Samhain


Cookie in Coffee

Cookie in Coffee

Oct 01        Mon  International Coffee Day

Oct 01        Mon  National Homemade Cookies Day

Oct 01        Mon  International Day of Older Persons

Oct 01        Mon  World Vegetarian Day

Car by Photo Artist Jason Beamguard

Car by Photo Artist Jason Beamguard

Oct 02 Tue Name Your Car Day

Oct 02 Tue National Custodial Worker Day

Oct 02 Tue International Day of Non-Violence

Oct 03 Wed National Boyfriend Day

Oct 03 Wed Techies Day

Oct 04 Thu Cinnamon Roll Day

Taco Sign by Photo Artist Jason Beamguard

Taco Sign by Photo Artist Jason Beamguard

Oct 04 Thu National Golf Day

Oct 04 Thu National Taco Day

Oct 04 Thu National Vodka Day

Oct 05 Fri National Denim Day

Oct 05 Fri National Storytelling Festival

Oct 05 Fri World Smile Day

Oct 05 Fri World Teacher's Day

Oct 06 Sat International Frugal Fun Day

Oct 06 Sat Mad Hatter Day

Oct 06 Sat Physician Assistant Day

Oct 07 Sun Bald and Free Day

Oct 07 Sun Bathtub Day

Oct 07 Sun Inter-generation Day

Oct 08 Mon American Touch Tag Day

Oct 08 Mon Indigenous Peoples' Day

Oct 08 Mon National Kick Butt Day

Pizza Sign Photo by Jason Beamguard

Pizza Sign Photo by Jason Beamguard

Oct 09 Tue International Beer and Pizza Day

Oct 09 Tue Curious Events Day

Oct 09 Tue Fire Prevention Day

Oct 09 Tue World Post Office Day (mail something)

Oct 09 Tue National Sneakers Day

Oct 10 Wed National Cake Decorating Day

Oct 10 Wed Emergency Nurses Day

Oct 10 Wed World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

Oct 10 Wed World Mental Health Day

Oct 10 Wed Powers of Ten Day

Oct 11 Thu National Depression Screening Day

Oct 11 Thu Myths and Legends Day

Oct 11 Thu World Sight Day

Oct 11 Thu Southern Food Heritage Day

Oct 12 Fri World Arthritis Day

Oct 12 Fri Freethought Day

Oct 12 Fri International Moment Of Frustration Scream Day

Oct 12 Fri National Savings Day

Oct 12 Fri Old Farmers Day

Oct 13 Sat National Train Your Brain Day

Oct 13 Sat English Language Day

Man Motorcycle & Humor.jpg

Oct 13 Sat International Day for Failure

Oct 13 Sat National Motorcycle Ride Day

Oct 13 Sat International Suit Up Day

Oct 14 Sun Be Bald and Free Day

Oct 14 Sun National Dessert Day

Oct 14 Sun National FRUMP Day

Oct 15 Mon Breast Health Day

Oct 15        Mon  Breast Health Day

Hand fist Bump.jpeg

Oct 15        Mon  World Math’s  Day

Oct 15        Mon  National Mushroom Day

Oct 15        Mon  Multicultural Diversity Day

Oct 15        Mon  National Grouch Day

Oct 15        Mon Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day


Oct 16        Tue   Global Cat Day

Oct 16        Tue   World Food Day

Oct 16        Tue   Information Overload Day

Oct 16        Tue   National Learn a Word Day

Oct 16        Tue   World Spine Day


Oct 17        Wed  Love Your Body Day

Oct 17        Wed  National Edge Day

Oct 17        Wed  Medical Assistants Recognition Day

Oct 17        Wed  National Pasta Day

Oct 17        Wed  Gaudy Day


Oct 18        Thu   No Beard Day

Oct 18        Thu   Spirit Day

Oct 18        Thu   National Get Smart About Credit Day

Oct 18        Thu   Conflict Resolution Day


Photo Artist Juan Coronado Model/Actor Jimmy Flint-Smith

Photo Artist Juan Coronado Model/Actor Jimmy Flint-Smith

 Oct 19        Fri     Evaluate Your Life Day

Oct 19        Fri     World Student Day

Oct 19        Fri     New Friends Day



Oct 20        Sat    National Brandied Fruit Day

Oct 20        Sat    Birth of the Bab (Bahá'í holy day)

Oct 20        Sat    National Suspenders Day


Oct 21        Sun   Apple Day

Oct 21        Sun   Babbling Day

Oct 21        Sun   Celebration of the Mind Day

Oct 21        Sun   Count Your Buttons Day

Oct 21        Sun   International Day of the Nacho


Oct 22        Mon  National Color Day

Oct 22        Mon  Clean Up the Earth Day

Oct 22        Mon  Smart is Cool Day

Oct 22        Mon  National Nut Day


Oct 23        Tue   National Boston Cream Pie Day

Oct 23        Tue   National Mole Day

Oct 23        Tue   National iPod Day


Oct 24        Wed  National Bologna Day

Oct 24        Wed  World Development Information Day

Oct 24        Wed  United Nations & Unity Day


Battle of the Nudes by Antonio Pollaiuolo 1470

Battle of the Nudes by Antonio Pollaiuolo 1470

 Oct 25        Thu   International Artist Day

Oct 25        Thu   Greasy Foods Day

Oct 25        Thu   Wear Purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Day

Oct 25        Thu   World Pizza Makers Day


Oct 26        Fri     Frankenstein Friday

Oct 26        Fri     National Pharmacy Buyer Day

Oct 26        Fri     National Pumpkin Day


Oct 27        Sat    American Beer Day

US Naval photo.jpg

Oct 27        Sat    National Forgiveness Day

Oct 27        Sat    Navy Day

Oct 27        Sat    National Potato Day


Oct 28        Sun   International Animation Day

Oct 28        Sun   National Chocolate Day

Oct 28        Sun   Separation of Church and State Day

Oct 28        Sun   Wild Foods Day


Oct 29        Mon  National Cat Day

Oct 29        Mon  Hermit Day

Oct 29        Mon  International Internet Day

Oct 29        Mon  National Oatmeal Day  



Oct 30        Tue   National Checklist Day

Oct 30        Tue   Buy a Doughnut Day

Tom Tom.jpg

Oct 30        Tue   Mischief Night

Oct 30        Tue   Pumpkin Bread Day



blue magic circles by mysticaltemptress.png

Oct 31        Wed  National Caramel Apple Day

Oct 31        Wed  Girl Scout Founder's Day

Oct 31        Wed  National Day of Magic

Oct 31        Wed  Increase Your Psychic Powers

Happy Halloween.png

Oct 31        Wed  All Hallows' Eve - Halloween