Urge For Adventure September 2018

Hey Guys,

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 It’s September and we are heading into Fall, still, time to get outside to enjoy whatever extended light the sun gives by day or activities in the cool of the evening.

Do Not miss out on suggested items for participation in this month’s events. Below is a list of some of the fun, wacky, or offbeat holidays and themes for the month of September. Recognizing a ‘theme’ is a simple way to bring fun and interest into your Life. Some folks create habits, rituals, and traditions to help strengthen their cultural lifestyle. If nothing else, these themes make good Conversation Starters.

This September, consider the words of  Robert Finch – “But now in September the garden has cooled, and with it my possessiveness. The sun warms my back instead of beating on my head. . . . The harvest has dwindled, and I have grown apart from the intense midsummer relationship that brought it on.”    

Arizona Evening Skyline 

Arizona Evening Skyline 

After perusing the September calendar of activities. Check out Current or Past Blogs pages by navigating the tabs at the top of each page.  These posts are designed for You to find ways that light up your Perspective.


  • Classical Music Month (Something before 1950)     
    • National Baby and Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month
  • National Better Breakfast Month
  • National Chicken Month    
  • National Classical Music Month
  • National Courtesy Month
  • National Disaster Preparedness Month
  • National Fall Hat Month
  • National Honey Month


Read - Learn - Live

Read - Learn - Live

  • National Library Card Sign-Up Month
  • National Little League Month
  • National Piano Month
  • National Read-A-New-Book Month
  • National Rice Month
  • National Self Improvement Month
  • National Sewing Month
  • National School Success Month
  • International Square-Dancing Month
  • National Women of Achievement Month
  • National Dog Week (4th Week)


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•    International Prosperos Assembly (Aug. 31 – Sept. 03)
•    National Indoor Plant Week (3rd week in September)
•    National Constitution Week (September 17-23)
•    Banned Books Awareness Week (September 23-29)
•    National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sat. Sept.15 – Mon. Oct. 15)
•    Yom Kippur (Sep 18 begin evening, end evening Sep 19)
•    Oktoberfest (Sep 22 begins in Germany - date varies)
•    National Banned Books Awareness Week (Sep 23-29, 2018)




Sep 01        Sat           Day of Random Acts of Kindness
Sep 01       Sat             International Bacon Day
Sep 01        Sat           World Beard Day
Sep 01        Sat           National Cherry Popover Day
Sep 01        Sat           National No Rhyme, No Reason Day 

Sep 02        Sun           National Bowling League Day
Sep 02        Sun           National Bison-Tell-Yell Day
(Celebration of an imaginary character of your choosing)
Sep 02        Sun           Another Look Unlimited Day
(To Look for Things to Donate to Charity)
Sep 02        Sun           National Pet Rock Day

Sep 03        Mon    National Labor Day
Sep 03        Mon    Skyscraper Day

Gender and Sexuality

Gender and Sexuality

Sep 04    Tue        International World Sexual Health Day
Sep 04    Tue        National Eat Extra Dessert Day
Sep 05    Wed        International Day of Charity
Sep 05    Wed        National Cheese Pizza Day
Sep 05    Wed        Be Late for Something Day
Sep 06    Thu        National Read A Book Day
Sep 06    Thu        Coffee Ice Cream Day
Sep 06    Thu        National Procrastination Day    
Sep 07    Fri        National Salami Day
Sep 07    Fri        Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day
Sep 07    Fri        National Google Day (Mission: organize the world’s information, make it accessible and useful.)

Sep 08    Sat        Dog Walker Appreciation Day        
Sep 08    Sat        International Literacy Day
Sep 08    Sat        International Pardon Day
Sep 08    Sat        World Physical Therapy Day 

Sep 09    Sun        National Pet Memorial Day
Sep 09    Sun        National Teddy Bear Day
Sep 09    Sun        Wonderful Weirdos Day

Sep 10    Mon        National Swap Ideas Day
Sep 10    Mon        World Suicide Prevention Day
Sep 11    Tue        National 911 Remembrance
Sep 11    Tue        National Make Your Bed Day
Sep 11    Tue        National Libraries Remember Day
Sep 11    Tue        National No News is Good News Day

Sep 12    Wed         National Chocolate Milkshake Day
Sep 12    Wed        National Video Games Day
Sep 12    Wed        National Day of Encouragement

Sep 13    Thu        National Fortune Cookie Day
Sep 13    Thu        National Defy Superstition Day
Sep 13    Thu        National Peanut Day
Sep 13    Thu        National Positive Thinking Day
Sep 13    Thu        National Uncle Sam Day

Sep 14    Fri        National Cream-Filled Donut Day    

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Sep 15     Sat        D. C. Comics Batman Day
Sep 15     Sat        International Coastal Cleanup
Sep 15     Sat        World Day of Democracy
Sep 15     Sat        International Dot Day
Sep 15     Sat        National Make It A Hat Day
Sep 15     Sat        National On-line Learning Day
Sep 15     Sat        National Big Whopper Liar Day       

Sep 16     Sun       National Step Family Day
Sep 16     Sun       National Guacamole Day
Sep 16     Sun       World Day of Ozone Layer Awareness
Sep 16     Sun       National Tattoo Story Day
Sep 16     Sun       National Wife Appreciation Day
Sep 16     Sun       National Working Parents Day
Sep 16     Sun       Mexican Independence Day

Sep 17    Mon        National Apple Dumpling Day
Sep 17    Mon        70th Annual Emmy Awards
Sep 17    Mon        International Country Music Day
Sep 17    Mon        National Monte Cristo Sandwich Day
Sep 17    Mon        National Constitution/Citizenship Day  
Sep 18     Tue        National Cheeseburger Day
Sep 18     Tue        National Emergency Preparedness Day
Sep 18     Tue        National IT Profession Day
Sep 18     Tue        World Echo Water Monitoring Day
Sep 18     Tue        Yom Kippur - begins at sundown

Sep 19      Wed      National Gymnastics Day
Sep 19       Wed     International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Sep 20    Thu        National String Cheese Day    
Sep 20    Thu        National Pepperoni Pizza Day
Sep 20    Thu        National Rum Punch Day
Sep 21    Fri        National Miniature Golf Day
Sep 21    Fri        National Doodle Day
Sep 21    Fri        International Day of Peace
Sep 21    Fri        National POW/MIA Recognition Day
Sep 21    Fri        World Alzheimer’s Day
Sep 21    Fri        World Gratitude Day

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Sep 22     Sat        Autumn Equinox/First Day of Fall            
Sep 22     Sat        American Business Women's Day
Sep 22     Sat        World Car Free Awareness Day
Sep 22     Sat        National Dear Diary Day
Sep 22     Sat        Fish Amnesty Day
Sep 22     Sat        Hobbit Day    
Sep 22     Sat        Love Note Day
Sep 22     Sat        National Ice Cream Cone Day
Sep 22     Sat        International Day of Radiant Peace
Sep 22     Sat        Smithsonian (Free) Museum Day  
Sep 22     Sat        Remote Employee Awareness Day
Sep 22     Sat        Bright Pink Lipstick Day (Awareness hereditary breast and ovarian cancer)
Sep 22     Sat        National White Chocolate Day

Sep 23    Sun        National Restless Legs Awareness Day
Sep 23    Sun        National Dogs in Politics Day
Sep 23    Sun        National In-nergize Day (Self Refocus) 
Sep 23    Sun        International Bisexuality Awareness Day

Sep 24    Mon        National Cherries Jubilee Day
Sep 24    Mon        National Punctuation Day

Sep 25    Tue        National Math Storytelling Day    
Sep 25    Tue        National One Hit Wonder Day
Sep 25    Tue        International Pharmacists Day
Sep 25    Tue        National Psychotherapy Day
Sep 25    Tue        National Car Tune-Up Day

Sep 26     Wed        National Dumpling Day
Sep 26     Wed        Johnny Appleseed Day
Sep 26     Wed        Situational Awareness Day
(being aware and paying attention to your environment)
Sep 26     Wed        Banned Websites Awareness Day
 (Part of Banned Books Week)

Sep 27     Thu        Ancestor Appreciation Day
Sep 27     Thu        Google’s Birthday
Sep 27     Thu        World Crush a Can Day (think to recycle)
Sep 27     Thu        World Maritime Day
Sep 27     Thu        World Tourism Day    

Sep 28     Fri        National Good Neighbor Day    
Sep 28     Fri        Native American Day (in California)    
Sep 28     Fri        Hug a Vegetarian Day        
Sep 28     Fri        Ask a Stupid Question Day
Sep 28     Fri        National Drink Beer Day in (U. S. of A.)
Sep 28     Fri        International Right to Know Day

Biscotti & Coffee

Biscotti & Coffee

Sep 29     Sat        National Biscotti Day
Sep 29     Sat        International Coffee Day
Sep 29     Sat        International Confucius Day
Sep 29     Sat        International lace Day
Sep 29     Sat        Save Your Photos Day
Sep 29     Sat        World Heart Day

Sep 30     Sun        International Blasphemy Day  (Individuals are encouraged to openly express their criticism of religion)
Sep 30     Sun        International Day of the Deaf    
Sep 30     Sun        National Ghost Hunting Day        
Sep 30     Sun        International Translation Day (the U. N.)    
Sep 30     Sun        National Mud Pack Day