The Urge for Adventure July 2017


 It’s July and Summer is now in full swing, you need to be outside the house, while the summer solstice is still high in the sky for longer warmer days and nights.

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Do Not Miss Out on Some Great Summer action.  catch on to some of these awesome choices to do act and be about. All you need to do is decide and take action for Fun, or even a bit Outrageous, days for You to dazzle yourself With People, Situations, and Things. If Nothing Else, It should Give You Some Great Conversation Starters.

After Perusing the possible opportunities for engagement below. Then Check out some of the other Current or Pass Blogs Pages, You May Find Items that will Help Brighten Up Your Perspective In Ways You Never Thought Possible.


Month Events:

  • National Anti-Boredom Month
  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Ice Cream Month
  • National Picnic Month
The Bridge.jpg
  • National Parks Month
  • UV Safety Month

Week Event:

  • Week 2 Nude Recreation Week
  • Week 3 National Independent Bookstore Week (third and fourth Saturdays in July)

July 2017 Daily Special:

1 Canada Day / Dominion Day

1 International Joke Day

1 National Postal Worker Day


2 Build A Scarecrow Day
2 I Forgot Day
2 World UFO Day

3 Compliment Your Mirror Day
3 Disobedience Day
3 Stay out of the Sun Day

4 Independence Day (U.S.)
4 National Country Music Day
4 Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

5 National Bikini Day
5 Work-a-holics Day – (even though it is holiday)

6 International Kissing Day
6 National Fried Chicken Day

7 World Chocolate Day
7 National Strawberry Sundae Day

8 Video Games Day

Video games.jpg

9 National Sugar Cookie Day
10 Teddy Bear Picnic Day

11 Cheer up the Lonely Day
11 World Population Day
12 Different Colored Eyes Day
12 Pecan Pie Day

13 Barbershop Music Appreciation Day
13 Embrace Your Geekiness Day
13 Fool's Paradise Day

14 Bastille Day
14 Pandemonium Day

14 National Nude Day


15 Tapioca Pudding Day
15 Cow Appreciation Day (Go out and give a cow a hug)
15 Give Something Away Day

16 Fresh Spinach Day
16 National Ice Cream Day  ( third Sunday of the month)
17 Global Hug Your Kids Day (third Monday of the month)
17 Peach Ice Cream Day
17 World Emoji Day

18 National Caviar Day
19 National Raspberry Cake Day
20 National Lollipop Day
20 National Moon Day (man first walked on the moon in 1969)
20 Ugly Truck Day

21 National Junk Food Day
22 Hammock Day
22 Rat catcher's Day
22 Shop Independent Bookstore


23 National Hot Dog Day
23 Parent's Day
23 Vanilla Ice Cream Day
24 Amelia Earhart Day
24 Cousins Day

25 Culinarians Day
25 Threading the Needle Day
26 All or Nothing Day
26 Aunt and Uncle Day

27 Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
28 National Milk Chocolate Day
28 Talk in an Elevator Day
29 Shop Independent Bookstore
29 National Lasagna Day

30 National Cheesecake Day
30 Father-in-Law Day
30 International Day of Friendship
31 Mutt's Day