The Urge for Adventure June 2017

The Urge For Adventure June 2017


Colors of Diversity

Colors of Diversity

 June marks that switch up from Spring to Summer, time to get outside if not before, by all means by the time of the summer solstice, when the Sun reaches its northernmost point and seems to stop, higher in the sky for longer warmer days.

Do Not Miss Out on Some Great Summer action.  There Is A Lot Going On from Pride of Diversity,  Nude Bike Rides, Kissing And even Orgasms but when and where? That will have to come with a bit of scouting on your part armed with the information I am passing on to You. All you need to do is decide and take action for Fun, Even Outrageous Ideas For Your Engagement With People, Situations, and Things. If Nothing Else, It should Give You Some Great Conversation Starters.

After Perusing the possible opportunities for engagement below. Then Check out some of the other Current or Pass Blogs Pages, You May Find Items that will Help Spruce Up Your Perspective In Ways That Inspire Your AWESOME BEST.

June All Month:

Aquarium Month

Candy Month

Dairy Month

Fight the Filthy Fly Month

Photo courtesy Scott Keene

Photo courtesy Scott Keene

Gay Pride Month

National Gardening Week

National Accordion Awareness Month

National Adopt a Cat Month

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

Rose Month

Turkey Lovers Month

June Weekly Events:

Week 1   Fishing Week


Week 2   Email Week

National Clay Week

Meet A Man Week


    June Daily or Weekly That Varies Dates

    • World Naked Bike Ride Day (dates vary by city)

    • National Shampoo Week--June 7-13

        Gay Pride - (dates vary by city)

    • Take Your Dog to Work Day - date varies

    • Watermelon Seed Spitting Week - last week


Jun 1    Thursday    Say Something Nice Day
National Go Barefoot Day
Jun 2    Friday    Leave the Office Early Day
Dare Day
National Doughnut Day
Jun 3    Saturday    Repeat Day
National Trails Day
Jun 4    Sunday    Hug Your Cat Day
Applesauce Cake Day

Photo courtesy Mike Zonta

Photo courtesy Mike Zonta

Jun 5    Monday    World Environment Day
Jun 6    Tuesday    Nat’l Garden Exercise Day Get out & exercise with plants
National Yo-Yo Day
Jun 7    Wednesday    National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June Bug Day
Jun 8    Thursday    Best Friends Day
Name Your Poison Day
Jun 9    Friday    Nat’l Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day
Jun 10    Saturday    Iced Tea Day
Jun 11    Sunday    Corn on the Cob Day
Jun 12    Monday    Red Rose Day
Jun 13    Tuesday    Sewing Machine Day
Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

Jun 14    Wednesday    Bourbon Day
Flag Day
Monkey Around Day

Jun 15    Thursday    Nature Photography Day
Go Fly a Kite Day
Jun 16    Friday    Bloomsday
Fresh Veggies Day
Jun 17    Saturday    World Juggling Day
Mud Pack Day

Jun 18 Sunday Father's Day

National Splurge Day  
International Sushi Day
Jun 19    Monday    National Kissing Day
Sauntering Day
Jun 20    Tuesday    Ice Cream Soda Day
Juggling Day
Jun 21    Wednesday     Summer Solstice

Global Orgasm Day

International Yoga Day
National Selfie Day
Jun 22    Thursday    National Chocolate Eclair Day
Onion Ring Day
Stupid Guy Thing Day

Jun 23    Friday    Typewriter Day
Let It Go Day
Jun 24    Saturday    Celebration of the Senses
Swim a Lap Day
Jun 25    Sunday    National Catfish Day
Jun 26    Monday    Beautician's Day
Forgiveness Day

Jun 27    Tuesday    Sun Glasses Day

Helen Keller Day
Jun 28    Wednesday    Gone-ta-pott Day (may have new meaning) 
Tau Day (Oh no not Replacing “Pi”)
Jun 29    Thursday    Camera Day
Hug Holiday
Jun 30    Friday    Meteor Watch Day