Urge for Adventure August 2017

Adventures in somatic expression



 It’s July and Summer is winding down, you need to be outside the casa, while the summer solstice is still high in the sky for longer warmer days and nights.

Do Not Miss Out on Some Great Summer action.  catch on to some of these awesome suggestions to do act and be seen. All you need to do is decide and take action for Fun, or even a bit Outrageous, days for You to dazzle yourself With People, Situations, and Things. If Nothing Else, It should Give You Some Great Conversation Starters.

Harrison Morgan Photo

Harrison Morgan Photo

After Perusing the possible opportunities for engagement below. Then Check out some of the other Current or Pass Blogs Pages, You May Find Items that will Help Brighten Up Your Perspective In Ways You Never Thought Possible.




Chris Asher Photo

Chris Asher Photo





American Adventures Month

American Indian Heritage Month

Black Business Month


Children's Health Safety Support Awareness Month 



Week 1 International Clown Week  
Week 1 Simplify Your Life Week
Week 1 Int'l Tree Climbing Days
Week 2 Nat'l Farmers' Market Week
Week 2 Nat'l Health Center Week
Week 2 Exhibitor Appreciation Week
Week 2 Nat'l Bargain Hunting Week
Week 2 Nat'l Psychic Week
Week 2 Gallop Int'l Tribal Indian Powwow
Week 3 Nat'l Motorcycle Week
Week 3 Nat'l Aviation Week

Week 4 Minority Enterprise Week

Brotha K-Rahn Photo

Brotha K-Rahn Photo

Week 4 Nat'l Chef's Appreciation
Week 4 North American Organic Brewers Week
Week 4 Be Kind To Humankind Week
Week 5 Chuck Wagon Races
Week 5 World Water Week
Happily Married Husband and Wife Week: 27-9/2

Day Events

World Wide Web

World Wide Web

August  1
Psychic Day
World Wide Web Day

August 2
Coloring Book Day
Take a Penny/Leave a Penny Day
August 3
Watermelon Day
International Friendship Day
August 4
Chocolate Chip Day
Single Working Women’s day
Coast Guard Day

August 5
Underwear Day
Oyster Day
Homemade Pie Day

International Beer Day
August 6
Root Beer Float Day
Int'l Hangover Day
Sandcastle Day
Mustard Day
August 7
Friendship Day
Lighthouse Day
Sisters Day
Professional Speakers Day
August 8
Assistance Dogs Day
The Date to Create Day
International Cat Day
August 9
Int'l Day of the World’s Indigenous People’s
Veep Day
August 10
S’mores Day
Skyscraper Appreciation Day
Smithsonian Day

Pres Joke Day

Pres Joke Day

August  11
Presidential Joke Day


August  12
International Youth Day
Sewing Machine Day
Kool-Aid Day
Vinyl  Record Day
Online Grocery Shopping Day
Worldwide Art Day
August  13
Int'l Left Hander’s Day
Garage Sale Day
Middle Child Day
Bowling Day
August  14
Chef’s Appreciation Day
Navajo Code Talkers Day
V-J Day
August  15
Best Friends Day
Relaxation Day
Check the Chip Day
Cupcake Day


SpongeBob SquarePants Day

August  16
Airborne Day
Rollercoaster Day

Wave at Surveillance Day
August  17
Meaning of ‘is’ Day
Thrift Shop Day
Black Cat Appreciation Day
I Love My Feet Day
August  18
Bad Poetry Day
Mail Order Catalog Day
Serendipity Day
August 19
Aviation Day
Men’s Grooming Day
International Pirate Day
‘Black Cow’ Root Beer Float Day
World Humanitarian Day
August 20
Honeybee Day
International Geocaching Day
International Homeless Animals Day
International Tongue Twisters Day
Radio Day
August 21
Poet’s Day
Senior Citizen’s Day
Spumoni Day
August 22
Be An Angel Day
Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day
Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

August 23
Valentino Day
Day for Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition



August 24
Waffle Iron Day
Pluto Demoted Day
Knife Day
August 25
Kiss and Make Up Day
Second-Hand Wardrobe Day
Whiskey Sour Day
August  26
Dog Day
Toilet Paper Day
Tug-of-War Day
Women’s Equality Day
World Daffodil Day
August 27
International Bat Night
The Duchess Who Wasn’t Day
Franchisee Appreciation Day
Just Because Day
August 28
Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day
Radio Commercials Day
Crackers Over The Keyboard Day
Go Topless Day
August 29
More Herbs, Less Salt Day
Int'l Bat Night
Individual Rights Day
According to Hoyle Day
August 30
Holistic Pet Day
Toasted Marshmallow Day
Whale Shark Day
Int'l Cabernet Sauvignon Day

August 31

Match Maker

Match Maker

Matchmaker Day


Prairie Days