"Singles Day" by Scott Keene

This piece comes out of a writing session done at the Library Coffeehouse Writers Group in Long Beach, Ca., which Calvin Harris H.W., M. conducts. It is written by, writer and friend Scott Keene of Long Beach, Ca.

There it was a date February 15, and there were even cards for it. They were right there next to the Valentine's Day cards and the Get-Well-Soon. He had never even heard of Single's Day and now here was a whole section.

    He was one of those people who believed that most of the holidays - at least all the lovey-dovey "National So-and-So Day" were just fodder for the greeting card industry. But still, he found himself needing one today. A "get-well-soon" this time which he wanted for a co-worker and casual acquaintance. Someone with whom he was terribly close wouldn't need a card - they would know in person how he felt.

    So, he stood and stared at the Single's Day section and wondered: was he still a single or was he now a couple?

 Participation in the writing group could lead you to find out something that you hadn’t revealed to yourself before.  If nothing else, you will have creative fun time in a relax supportive atmosphere.

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