A Monthly Tool to the Self Directed Life

2018: Working Your Plan From Interior Motivation


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This March, Site of Contact's Starts a Monthly Guide to steer or invoke question or directions for your search for meaning or reward in your life.  This month the concept of Goals and maybe some thoughts about them you have not considered before.


Goal are all about Consciously Doing, as any good coach will tell you, the goal focus is maintain by conscious - frequency, consistency, and intensity, this is the triangle elements of successful goal training.

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But before you begin, flesh out what passions are in the loins, that will drive your goals for 2018. Is it to become a better person, such as in: Being healthier and stronger, or maybe more innovative, or entrepreneurial in business, or obtaining and displaying more Life skills, or just simply being a better friend or family member?

I suggest writing down what you have decided.  Every few months going over them to see if they are still valid or has there been some kind of alteration or have they been disregarded or replaced all together, for it is okay to make changes or alterations as your  awareness of yourself grows.


I get from the emails and phone calls we received, many of you have begun doing just that. Many who started this type of exercise in 2017 have reported things being better, and more efficient for themselves, yet for others of you, this has not gone so well. I understand that you found new behaviors were needed in your life to manifest your goals, and trying to stick to the triangle elements of successful goal training was tough. So, let's step backup and reconsider your goals in light of the creation and maintenance of new habits.  


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Question, why do you want to achieve that goal in the first place? Simple question, but at the heart of it is the key to the matter of sustaining new habits. Goals should not be just because you think you should do them. That "wanting to do it” attitude may be the ticket to working harder at it, rather than gaining real results. Maybe the cart is in front of the horse, meaning maybe you don’t have your purpose or objective for the goal framed correctly in your own head.

Make sure that the goal is in alignment with your higher purpose in life.With each goal will come time invested in new habits It’s tough to sustain effort and find reward in something, when you’re only doing it because you "think" you will impress people or that they expect it or would approve of you for it. It's your life, so make sure you're spending your time on things that challenge the notion of what is important to you. The common mistake you want to avoid can be summed up by the statement from an author and former dot-com business executive, Seth Godin when he said,

“Your audacious life goals are fabulous. We’re proud of you for having them. But it’s possible that those goals are designed to distract you from the thing that is really frightening you—the shift in daily habits that would mean a re–invention of how you see yourself.” - Seth Godin

So if you need to get a handle on this or in moving forward give me a call. We can go over or discover activities, habits, and techniques, without harassment or harsh judgment that is advantageous to a solid re-invention of a successful you.