The Prosperos Tool Translation by Calvin Harris H.W., M.

It became clear to me while in conversation at a gathering around the backyard barbecue why someone would want to take the Translation Seminar.

Many keep their Spirituality compartmentalized in one small area of their life and Being, while all the rest of their daily life, in how they think, act, and Be is lived outside away from that area of Spirituality as if the two should never meet.

Since we have moved into the space age, technology and globalization are uprooting and reshaping daily life. We all sense it, some fear it, or are distress by not knowing how to be in the new realities. What is, or is not okay, people are looking for the rules to formulate the new realities, to re-envision their place, and to know their choices in role identity available in the coming decades.

This Space-age consciousness has/will make changes to our world, changes that are as great as when we went from a flat earth to around world, creating a manifesto to find the Truth, to find the abilities, the skills and free will to navigate though and during these turbulent times and thrive.

The clue is a reexamination of Spirituality and Life, not from a three-dimensional point of view, but viewed from the Alchemist, Quantum Mechanics, the Scientist, and yes even rules from the Artistic Intuit. All combines to become the formational tool enabling you to work from the inside out, to keep pace with change and its evolutionary drivers and for you to flourish. A Tool that is ancient, not new, but is underused and is not well understood.  This information is the reason to take the Translation class and its counterpart class Releasing the Hidden Splendour.