A Contemplation on Mailboxes and Gender by Gevork Anderyassian

This SOC piece of writing is from a new writer to the Library Coffeehouse Writers Group in Long Beach, Ca., Gevork Anderyassian his name.  Whom we are pleased to welcome to our group and to California. He is a Transplant of the UK from England.

A Contemplation on Mailboxes and Gender by Gevork Anderyassian

Black and white, boys and girls, yin and yang, on and off, left and right, good and bad, how primal minds compartmentalize everything to survive.

What is the upshot of this pigeonholing? I guess like all the other junk mail that ends up in the door slot of your mind or post box, it needs sorting. Like the postman, I sort looking for labels that would suggest “M” for Male. You see I live in M world, for I am a Man thus, the mail carrier delivering the mail goes through the stacks for the identifiable labels such as …. a bill, check, that’s me M. Then there is a Macy’s humm, ok, check.  A Car part’s catalogue, check … oh, but wait, how could this be, perhaps a desire?

On the contrary, car part’s catalogue?, for a man with no ability to perform or understand cars, The postman would be scratching his head on this day, but the route is long, and  his time is short, thus he must move on, so in the slot goes what you should be doing, what you should be reading, as well as everything else.

We all get mail, mail even we don’t want, but in the slot it goes all that wasted print from the senders' end, and then all that effort just to get it in your mail, only then to be thrown from your mailbox into your trash.

Drawing from William Floyd Collection

Perhaps I’ve rebelled my whole life, not subscribing to macho roles or feminine ideals, we are after all just human, and to be categorize further is redundant and not worth nothing except as a marketers slogan.

Myself I would be enamored with a top rated female mechanic or impressed with the man with an extensive antique perfume bottle collection. These are just reminders that we are all the same mailbox.