The Future - Man Vs Nature? or Man in Nature? Which is It

Is it Man vs Nature? or Man in Nature? Which is it going to be?
Looking for a new business venture? Try looking backwards to create a new business and/or lifestyle model for Man & Nature

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We have observed that people looking for meaningful lives and purposeful careers go outside the Norm, to come up with new workable goals and to craft improved life and business models in which to work. New combinations of paradigms are thus created and enable life and work to move forward. The “Male On Man” blog is a tool to help refocus and identify such paradigm shifts found in Life, Culture, Science, and Employment offering you helpful points of view that are in the pipeline, that may put you ahead of the curve. 

Check Out an article by Joseph Dussault, staff writer for C.S. Monitor found at -


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We typically think of conservation as removing humans from the ecosystem to return it to its 'natural' state. But the practices of many indigenous cultures offer a different way to view humanity's relationship with the natural world.






Dussault offers us a viable way to shift our thinking when we consider new job creation or lifestyle changes. Dussault shows us where a shift in our thinking regarding concepts such as sustainability, conservation, man’s relationship to nature and culture can be reinvented. He offers notions of scientists who have gone back to investigate and take cues from indigenous peoples.  Follow the link above.  It’s a good read that can lead you to revisions on conclusions about life, conservation, and possible career choices for the future. 

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