The Reluctant Reader

Book Pick Summer Read 2016

Bob Biddle's favorite summer read was: “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Bob said "What I found interesting was my altitude about the book before I read it.  'Just another freaking inspirational self-help books', he’d complain. Voted on by some of those women from  the book club." Why in fact he said he almost did not go to the group, if he had to read it. But he relented and did read it. He was surprised how fast he got through it, and what was worse, he had to admit, thou he hated to, that he enjoyed the writers style and he as a budding writer got tips on the creative writing process especially the point that 'if you don’t use it you lose it.'

Bob reported that if you ever had an idea only to have it come to fruition through someone else?  Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, “Big Magic”, explains why that might have happened to you.

Gilbert, the author discusses the attitudes, approaches and habits needed in order to live the creative life.  Bob went on to say "I found inspiration in 'Big Magic' as it felt she was writing the book specifically for me and my quest to become a better writer.   However, whether writing a book or creating art, she demonstrates how the creative process is symbiotic as the thought or idea completely depends on its host to give it substance." 

In Gilbert’s writing style, Bob enjoyed her use of personal and professional experiences to shed light on our reluctance and fears to uncover the “hidden jewels” within each of us.  As she says, “The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you.”