7 Tips to Cultivate Your Style

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. – Gandhi

Happiness I found means different things to different people, some it’s money, others more sex (or some sex), then again, other people it is feeling less or no isolation or the need to be lonely, still others gain security in knowing that they are effective in their actions, and things can happen the way they feel they should.  

This blog is about learning about your charisma, and actions that can help you connect to it. Therefore, allowing you to reconnect to events or people in such a way to have you feel a part of something bigger and move forward.

The following seven tips require you to remain conscious of your actions, as you take courage to move your life forward and there in reveal and perfect your signature style.

1)    Be aware of what gets you excited, of what moves you, what you like or gives you passions to do things.

2)   Learn where your attitudes of likes and dislikes might have come from, then how to change them if necessary. 

3)   Pay attention to how you define your purpose or what you want to achieve in life and be accountable to reaching your goal.

4)   Focus on moving forward with agility.  Include your readiness to learn and use new concepts and techniques combined with what you know to bring about new concepts and creations.

5)   Be coachable, with attributes of being curious and grateful.

6)   Be aware of your Body Language and how it effects your results. Now this will need you to see some humor and the ability to laugh at yourself and your life as situations become awkward or stressful in your reinventing yourself. 

7)   Strive to work with the courage to see things through, or know when to stop action, because it is finished as defined by your purpose.  

Your signature style will appear with an air of synchronicity once you’ve begun the conscious work. Oh, and I would suggest keeping a journey to capture every step of your adventure even the scary parts--this is October after all.

In closing, I leave you with a favorite quote - Vincent Van Gogh:

“I am always doing what I cannot do yet, to learn how to do it.”