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Tantalum is a word that represents the features of this page. Tantalum a rare metal of blue-gray material



 found by the seashore. I use the name Tantalum because I like the sound of it and because of its attribute as a non-corrosive substance, known for its ability to ward off negative elements to itself from its environment.

I use the concept of Tantalum to represent a mind space away from corrosive substances found in our perceptions. To redirect through reflection: a resting spot to consider yourself as more than what you  have come to believe about  yourself.

 For this Tantalum moment I suggest considering these words :

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and Third, by experience, which is bitterest.”


Mind Body Connect

Mind Body Connect

This Fall, journal and reflect on how you want your life to play out. Are you standing on your vision ? Journaling is a way of listening to your inner Being, connecting to your Native grounding and coming in relationship with the truest part of yourself, your inner home.

Done right you can uses a wide array of practices designed to facilitate deep inner connection to yourself and the world around you.

Rather than you getting things done by blindly achieving on a hit or miss basis. A more preferable form of proceeding is by an internal strategic plan, that would create a foundation for your vision. That would focus your priorities, and have you gasp the images you imprint on yourself to create and hold the future. This inner dialogue can affect short and long range planing and can be applied with just fly efforts. It creates a more enjoyably life journey which is just as important as your goal or the destination.

Listening to the male scared spirit, allows you to better serve your community, yourselves, and the greater good. On your journey will come hills and valleys, being conscious of such, awakens gratitude for what is learned by your progress and abilities to alter, and change perception while on your path. Noting the relevance of your choices and deliberate living style.

Remember, this happens because you make time for it. No matter if it is only minutes, used to Slow the pace, to carve out the time, for you to be alone with yourself in a space made scared to reflect, recharge, reassess, and reset where you find yourself, both in your  exterior and interior geographic landscape.