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Sign up now to become part of Calvin’s Learning Circles, study groups for people who want to take online classes as well as offering of in-person group learn and services too. You can come to the site and study with people on an array of content - to discuss, formulate ideas and directions. Situations allowing us to build inner connections and a way forward within our lives and communities.

Meeting once a week for 8-12 weeks, participants work together through an online course, in a subject to promote wisdom, goals, and action. Learning circles are guided by a facilitator, often to encourage and support peer learning, and to optimize Coaching programs. Let’s make 2019 the greatest year of our lives as we move in accordance with a path to be a more Holistic Being.

Cultural History I

A New Venue for Learning - Your living room

Calvin’s Learning Circles brings the ‘live time’ classroom experience into your home – or anywhere you want to watch and participate. The Cultural History 1 seminar contains selected ideas that are truly bold and insightful: fun, online small group learning that has the potential to affect big changes in your worldview.

Cal-Ed brings together our incredible community through award-winning educational videos and clips, books, music, and sharing circles: a new model to support big ideas for global understanding.

Cultural History 1 will be given on Wednesdays, at one of two class time slots: 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time, or 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, making accessibility to the seminar easier. Dates for this seminar are March 13 through May 29, 2019.

So sign up, be a part of this lighthearted, engaging, and entertaining seminar.

This is the maiden voyage for the new 12-week course Cultural History 1, thus the class fee of $350 US will be discounted to its review fee of $150. A payment plan can be arranged. Those who want to try a drop-in session, that will be at the discounted rate of $20 per session.

Registration will begin in February 2019.

Maiden Voyage discounted rate plans

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ONE PAYMENT Option / $150.00 US, original price $350.00
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8 PAYMENTS Option / $20.00 US per payment
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